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Are you interested in playing Hardcore Flag Football? Please fill out the form below. It will be sent to Joe. He will add you to the weekly mailing list, and get back to you by email.

The weekly mailing list includes the location and times for the games (which are not always posted on the website), any administrative comments from Joe, as well as some (fun) trash talk amongst the guys as we get fired up for the upcoming game.

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About SF Hardcore Flag Football
is a well-organized weekly game in it's tenth season in San Francisco.

About Us This is not a league or a tournament or a club. It's just a bunch of guys who love to play flag football and are tired of the lame setup of most other games, tournaments, and leagues. What sets us apart from most other games is the amount of contact allowed combined with an organized pickup-style game.

Our Style We play the game with eight or nine on a side, down linemen, live fumbles, passing and running plays, center snaps, kick-offs and punts, down-field blocking, stiff-arms, and you just might get knocked on your butt if you are close to the sidelines. We get competitive, but we also have fun. It's a lot more contact than the air-it-out leagues, without being excessive or dangerous. Since it's just a pickup game, you can show up on Saturday and play ball. We are out here to have fun with a group of guy who love football.

Season The season runs from September through March. Games are on a variety of fields throughout SF.

Game Day We generally play at 1:00, noon, each and every Saturday, rain or shine. A long day will last nearly 4 hours, while other days we end by 4:00pm. If enough people show up, we have multiple three team 20 minute challenge games. After the games we head over to a local bar to talk football and drink a few brews.

Please check out the rules section to see how our games are setup, then check out the photos and videos.

Wanna play? We are always looking for players with skills to come out and join the game. Most guys out here are in their twenties and thirties, most have some football experience, including high school, college, or more. Fill out the contact form if you want to play.

What you should bring
1. Cleats - we all wear them, we do have some spares
2. Water
4. Couple bucks to contribute to the field permit fee, depending on the field we use
5. Mouthguard - not required

Got a Team? We are looking for challenge games. If you have a team and would like to set up a game, contact us. Although we would prefer to play 8-on-8 or 9-on-9 with contact, we can compromise on the game setup. Fill out the contact form if you and your team are up for the challenge.