2007-2008 Weekly Game Reports

Week 29 - Beg to Differ
Date March 22nd, 2008
Where Washington High School
Attendance 13
Weather clear, sunny, and 50mph gusts
Rating 7.5/10
MVP Mike B

Another lackluster turnout, but we did manage a fun 6-7 game with an all-time QB. No safety on defense makes for a lot of running. Adam picked Jobbo, Joe picked Rick T. Then Adam made Rick T all-time QB - talk about cheating while picking teams. Mike pulled down 3 TDs and two interceptions - he was just showing off, because his brother was in town. Joeski's team ended up down 7-4 with 2 minutes to go. Granted the golden football, they drove down the field and scored a 4 point touchdown to take the lead 8-7 with no time remaining.... victory at last!

Week 28 - Come Sail Away With Me
Date March 15th, 2008
Where Washington High School
Attendance 15
Weather clear, sunny, and VERY WINDY
Rating 7.0/10
MVP Zhi and John - undersized D-line making plays all day

Wind, wind, and more wind. Although a full turnout, the teams were a bit skewed for some reason... and that reason was probably due to fact that Joeski cheated while picking teams. Rich Ryan had a decent squad, but lost his leading receiver early in the game to a hammy pull on a deep touchdown. What really made the teams uneven was the smallest guy on the field, Zhi, eating up big lineman in front of him. This enabled the Joe/Jon/Mat team to mix man-to-man and zone coverage. The combination of a relentless rush from Zhi and John F and zone coverage scheme gave Rich Ryan fits in his first start at QB. As the trade deadline approached, Rich's team was eager to mix it up, so captain Joeski was traded for a six pack of Old Milwaukee. Then the game got interesting. Moving a premier player like Joeski to the QB spot on the opposing team shook things up. Taking advantage of everything in their arsenal, they moved the ball up and down the field. Unfortunately Jon and Mat's was doing the same with less effort, including some tipped pass interceptions for touchdowns and deep bombs one play TD drives. No matter, the underdogs had teeth and made a run at it down the stretch, keeping it interesting, turning a rout into a fun battle.

Week 27 - You Light Up My Life
Date March 8th, 2008
Where Washington High School
Attendance 20
Weather clear, sunny, warm, windy
Rating 9.0/10
MVP Michael, Vidi's brother, and Jason (Moss)
Rubin Award Other Jason for always asking what time it was and not being able to stop the run

Defense wins championships... And flag football games in March. Well, not exactly win, per se, but at least doesn't lose. If there is one thing we learned this past week in HCFF, its that Defense does something, or another. Ask Joeski, who was picked off two times. Or ask Adam, who was sacked at QB so much his (metaphor). Or ask team red who was stopped inside the five on three different attempts. This all tells the same story: solid defense makes playing offense frustrating.

The game started out as most do, with some ball movement back and forth. A turnover from Joeski was turned into a touchdown when Adam hit James on a short curl and James did the rest. Then something happened. Both teams began to lock it down. Team red drove deep into blue territory, only to be stopped at the 2 by an incredible defensve play by Michael. After a team blue punt, red again found themselves unable to move the ball.

This day was characterized by big defense and big plays. Michael, Jason, Steve and Vidi's brother set the tone by making play after play. The game got shaken up when Joeski sat down at QB and Jason (Moss) stepped in and ran the ball all the way down the field on team red. Jason showed his wheels by taking the qb sneak 10 yards into the endzone to go ahead. Red answered by benching perennial MVP Adam in favor of Steve. Steve took his first ever snap at QB and ran 40 yards up the sideline. More runs by Steve and the red backfield put the ball in te endzone to tie the score.

The game ended in a 2-2 tie, on the heels of Steve's TD and the stroke of 4 on the bell tower. Everyone felt like they just found out that hot girl they were making out with last night is their cousin. Well, that's what happens when you play to a tie.


Week 26 - So Happy Together
Date March 1st, 2008
Where Washington High School
Attendance 18
Weather clear, sunny, windy
Rating 9.2/10
MVP Adam (not me) for 4ints, many clutch catches and two recieving touchdowns.
Rubin Award Morin for tackling Ravi in hte middle of the field and breaking his collarbone
Super Awesome Game Award: for everyone who showed up. The game is the award.

Who says football season is over?

The 1st day of March and the weather came with it. A beautiful day with high winds bringing in 18 guys to play football. The game finally kicked off at 1:30 with 6 on 6 and a short field. Adam (qty: 2), John (not that one), Ravi, Mat and Jobbo started defense for team blue. Team red had Roger, Alan and Garcia and a couple of new guys. After Adam (not me) intercepted team red QB, Adam connected with Matt for a TD to go up 1-0.

Defense was the theme today as Adam (not me) had 4 interceptions and Jobbo and Garcia each had one. John, Adam (me), Alan and Benny each had a handful of sacks. When Jason (moss), D-Wayne and the others arrived, Ravi took a fierce hit from Morin and was sidelined with a bruised shoulder. Roger continued the big hits by leveling Adam (me) on the sideline after a QB sweep.

Adam and Adam were on fire all day. Adam (me) had 5 TD passes and several sacks while Adam (not me) had some great catches on both sides of the ball. Jobbo was clutch on third down and New Guy Tim was holding down the O and D lines. Falkow was dominant at Safety and TE, leading a few runs around the edge and John was stellar everywhere.

For team red, Roger was almost unstoppable. With no consistancy at QB, Roger took the ball anyway he could get to make plays. Rick Garcia had 3 sacks and returned Adam's (me) only mistake for 6 points. Alan was the archetypical impact player on d-line but red couldnt get anything going on offense.

With Blue lead 6-3 and holding the ball, They were driving for one final score. A QB sweep by Adam netted 20 yards and setup an out pass to Jason (moss). Jobbo caught a third down pass to keep the drive alive. On 2nd and 8, Adam dropped back to pass, checked right to Jason and saw Adam (not me) flashing past the safety. Adam (me) delivered the ball and as soon as it left the hand Alan buried the QB. The pass sailed right into the hands of Adam (not me) for what should be the final score. 7-3.

Adam (me) shook up from getting rocked by Roger and Alan on the same drive, quit like a little bitch. Everyone else stayed on and agreed to "next score wins". The kickoff into the wind fell short and into the hands of Zhi. When Blue collapsed on him, he spun out and kept his flags on. When the dust settled, Zhi looked down and saw that he not only had his flags on, but was out in front. And in an unxpected turn of events, Team Read pulled victory out and the end, thanks to a rule change and a fortuitous bounce.

If games play like this, expect the season to continue all month long.

-Adam the Bard

Week 25 - Hail to the Chief
Date Feb 23rd, 2008
Where Washington High School
Weather hailing
Rating 7.8/10
Rubin Award

Week 24 - Take Me Out to the Ball Game
Date Feb 16th, 2008
Where Washington High School
Attendance 16
Weather ok
Rating 6.5/10

It was a low turnout, so we ended up getting an impromptu "Challenge" game against the Washington High Baseball Team! We blew those whipper snappers away within 20 mins 3-0 so we broke the teams up and started over. No stiff arms or sideline pops, most of those kids weighed about 100lbs. It was OK.

Week 23 - Foolsgold
Date Feb 9th, 2008
Where Washington High School
Weather ?
Rating 8/10
MVP Rick G

Well, LAst week it ended up being Old Rick against Mike. Old Rick qb'd and the first pass was a 5 yarder to me that I stiff armed Mike into a 50 yard TD! We stop theyre next effort, next pass, 5 yards to me for a 40 yard run 1st n 10... td. It was crazy, most I ever ran within 10 mins, so I took a break to hang with BAbygirl whom I brought as the chearleader. It ended up being tight until I QBd and threw a 50 yarder to Jason for a TD. Yes, The Old Army Rick tandem! Old Rick Liked my play call so much he wanted me to call the plays and him throw, it was crazy! I even picked off Jobbo (Yes, Jobbo QBd too!) to seal the game!

Week 22 - World Shut Your Mouth!
Date Feb 2nd, 2008
Where Washington High School
Attendance 18
Weather wet, windy, cold, muddy, muddy, muddy
Rating 10/10 - a perfect game!
MVP DeAnthony and Jon Parker
MVP Runner-Up Mel
Defensive MVP Roger
Rubin Award Fair weather fools who stayed home

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Joe, Jobbo, Alan and Taz. Four names. They are the four who showed up at 12:30, the die hards, the ones who were rewarded... Well, those guys and everyone else who braved the weather to play in one of the best Hardcore Flag Football games in history (foreshadowing the Super Bowl?).

After 10 guys showed up, Michael and Alan split up the teams into two "equal" sides. Michael picked speed, speed and no size, Alan got everything. Size, speed and talent. Michael listened to Joe and snagged Roger when he drove in from Oakland, only to learn that Alan had ALL of the lineman already....and then Mel arrived (from Mountain View) and Alan got him too. Ah, but Michael scored a captaining victory by snagging Steve. Late as usual, the Mat express rolled up and dropped off Mat, Jon, and Brady. Michael grabbed size and a QB with Mat and Brady. Jon, may have been the X-factor that Michael wanted though. Despite all this, Michael's team blue jumped out to an early lead. Taz was QB for team red, working behind the huge offensive line, but was unable to consistently move the ball.

Everything changed when team red got a QB. Jon Parker took over a massive red team and did what should have been done, run the ball and score touchdowns. With the confusing and frustrating play calling from Taz a thing of the past, team red could finally get down to dominating. Parker came in and ran the ball up and down the field. After De Anthony gained about 900 yards on the final two drives for team Red, with Jon running the show. Jonny then hit Jobbo to setup a QB sneak for the game winning touchdown in sudden-death overtime.

This was one of the best games in our history. A pure slug-fest with some of the hardest (legal) hitting through out the day. (With one exception; a very illegal, accidental elbow to Rick's eye from Steve - which only seemed to light a fire under Rick). We went from 7-7 to 8-8 and then 9-9. It was just too cold for anyone to sit on the sidelines. It was a battle from the outset until the final bell. After team Red scored on their final drive to tie the game, no one was ready to concede the game, even though the cold winds had picked up to 15mph and rain started falling again. We went to overtime. The slug-fest continued, and fittingly team Red ran the ball the entire drive to score and seal the victory. We capped off the game with a big turnout at Fishbowl where we drank lots of beer and ate bowls of goldfish.  
Rick's black eye
Rick G takes it in the eyehole
(click for larger image)

The best part of the day was at the end and can be seen. The teams united for one erotic romp through the mud. Who says love is dead? Not when Valentines day is around the corner and half of these guys are taking a love journey halfway around the world!

-The Write Knight (anonymous submission)

Alan's Red Team 5
Michael's Blue Team 4

Week 21 - So Happy Together
Date Jan 26th, 2008
Where Washington High School
Attendance 27
Weather clear, sunny, warm, wet field
Rating 9/10
MVP OG and Moss
MVP Runner-Up Chaz
Rubin Award Anthony

ACT ONE: Prologue

Scene 1:

Overcast clouds rise over a Modern Football Facility where a sold out crowd waits.  Wet and Muddy field. Adam and Alan Mateo walk up to the field ready to destroy the competition. Adam is dressed casually and wearing a backpack. Alan is wearing athletic apparel and also Carrying a backpack.

Adam: So you played last week?
Alan: Dude, you missed it. We played 9 on 9 all day. 4 down linemen
Adam: Really? Nines?
Alan: It was great. That extra lineman allows you to do a lot more.
Adam: Maybe we should just say fuck it and go 11s.
Alan: That would be cool.
Adam: Yeah, although from a quarterback perspective, I know that the field gets tight with eights, not to mention nines and I cant imagine how all the extra people would play out.

Adam and Alan walk onto the field while our perspective stays outside the fence, watching them walk away.

Scene 2:
Joe and Rick are standing alone in the middle of the wet, muddy field. Our perspective shows the whole field with over 20 men chatting, jogging, stretching or catching or throwing a football. Close to the sideline, we see a pile of flag football equipment. We move in closer to Joe and Rick slowly, gradually hearing their conversation.

Joe: Alright, I guess Ill take Michael and you get Rick T
Rick: cool. You get next pick
Joe and Rick break and start walking to the  football equipment, calling their respective teams.
Joe: Adam, Alan, Dwayne, Blue.
Rick: Jobbo, red. OG, red

The crowd of athletes gather around the equipment, looking for belts with their assigned color flags attached. There is light conversation and some unknown people making threats or put-downs to the players on the other taam.

Joe: Team Blue, come on over here for a second

A group of players all wearing or putting on belts with blue flags attached slowly assemble around Joe, with varying degrees of attention.

Joe: Alright everyone listen up.

Everyone snaps to attention and is staring intently at Joe; everyone lined up in a circular huddle. Joe raises his voice to reach everyone and bring the emotion to a frenzy before kick off.

Joe: Alright men, this is what we’ve waited for all week. We wear blue and wear it with pride. These guys come in here and want to take what’s ours. We wont let them because what they want, they cant take. (Our perspective shifts around to show everyone else in the huddle. Their heads nodding in agreement or their eyes staring intently, focusing their anger on the task at hand. Our perspective lifts out of the huddle as Joe continues talking). We play for our pride. We won’t lose that and these mother-fuckers wont take that away from us. We are going to show them what blue stands for. Blue is the color of the American patriots who seceded from Great Britain. They told those fuckers in red that they are not going to come on their turf and push them around anymore. Blue does not fuck around, blue fucking changes the world. (Joe raises his voice further) WE CHANGE THE WORLD TODAY. THESE MOTHERFUCKING COCKSUCKERS ARE NOT GOING TO PUSH US AROUND. WE DO THE PUSHING! EVERY DOWN, EVERY PLAY, WE FUCKING BREAK THEM!
Crowd in unison: YEAH
Crowd in Unison: (General Shouting)
Crowd in Unison: DOMINATE

ACT TWO: Game time
Scene 1:
We see a football on the ground and a center walks over, grabs the ball and sets the offensive line.   Our perspective pans out to show red with the ball on their own 5 yard line. Blue is on Defense and is running around with their assignments. Adam and Alan are on Defensive line and Joe is shouting plays out from the secondary

Joe: (Shouting) OMAHA!

The ball is snapped and The red QB, wearing number 16 scrambles around looking for players downfield but finds nobody. He tucks the ball and runs for 20 yards when the play breaks down.
Team blue defense huddles

Alan: (To the rest of Blue defense) Come on Linebaackers. He’s a scrambler. He isn’t going to throw on us. We tighten up now.
Joe: (Still in huddle) Alright. That’s the last time he runs like that on us. Bear-14-spider-sky. Lets get it fellas.

Team Blue breaks and lines up on the line. Our perspective widens out to show team read break huddle and line up opposite team blue. We are focused on the lines

Rick: First play of a long day for you blue bitches. Donk brought the wheels and the cannon today. He is going to run like that all day on your flabby ass.
Adam: Fuck you. Lets see how you like this.

The ball is snapped and Adam bull rushes Rick and crashes into the tackle. Alan comes free from defensive end and pushes the QB, Donk, to his left. With Alan in his face, he throws the ball up and its intercepted by Joe. Team Blue takes over.

Scene 2:
We see the QB for team blue warming up on the sidelines. He glances up to the stands behind team blue’s bench looking for his girlfriend that he knows wont be there. His coach walks over.

Coach: Brady, its been 6 weeks.
Brady continues staring at the empty seat that used to be occupied by her.
Coach: You’ve got to let it go. I mean, I was as broken up as you when the news of her plane crash in the Andes came out, but this is your family now. You have to be there for us. We need you as much as she did.
Brady looks out at the field and sees Joe intercept the pass from Red.
Brady: Ill do my best coach. You’ve been like a father to me and Im not going to let two people close to me down.
Coach: That’s my boy. Reno-41-Tiger-split. Lets get that ball back to Joe and reward him for that pick.

Scene 3:
Our perspective is that of a television camera watching the game from above. Brady runs out onto the field and into the huddle with most of the ironman team still on the field from defense.

Brady: Alright boys, lets make them pay now. Reno-41-tiger-split, Reno-41-Tiger-split. One 1,  on 1. Lets go

The huddle breaks silently and everyone takes their position Adam and Alan are still on the line, with number 48, Dwayne finishing out the line. Joe, John and Moss are the wide receivers and Mel Chen is in the backfield. We hear the announcer as we maintain our perspective watching from the backfield this time.

Announcer: Braeden Mass, who fell out of the Heisman race when his girlfriend was presumed dead in a plane crash in South America makes his first start since the accident with team blue needing a win to put them into a  bowl game. Mass drops back to pass and he is looking for Joe on a slant. Its… INTERCEPTED!. Donk has intercepted Mass and he runs it all the way back to the two yard line.

Scene 4:
We watch Brady run from the defensive huddle to the sideline. He gets to the bench and slams his helmet down and looks back up at the empty seat where his girlfriend used to sit and he sighs and sits down. One of the coaches comes over and says something to him that we don’t hear.

Scene 5:
Our perspective is once again in a television style camera from up above and we see the same defensive line up as before. John is at linebacker for blue and following the running back for Red, OG, who was coming off a HUGE week previously and now motioning out of the backfield to slot on the left side.

Joe: (To Jon) Parker, stay with him.

Announcer: Ryan Donk drops back to pass. He looks right into the endzone and WIDE OPEN is Chaz. It looks like the defender fell down. (We see Donk run over and jump with his receiver in celebration for the touchdown) That Touchdown gives Donk the school record for touchdowns on the season.
Announcer 2: You cant give this QB a lead like this. Im interested to see what Brady Mass comes out with on this next series to answer.
Announcer: Well, here is his chance. Mass brings them to the line. Drops back and he has ALL DAY. Throws left... INTERCEPTED BY CHAZ! He is going to take it all the way to the house. ANOTHER Touchdown for team red!

Our perspective is of mass walking to the sidelines, throwing his helmet toward the bench before even making it to the sideline. We hear a mixture of boos and cheers from the crowd as the teams walk off the field to prepare for the next position.

Scene 6:
Our perspective pans the crowd when we see a young girl sitting in the seat that Brady was looking at previously. She has an arm in a sling and has long blond hair. Our perspective opens up to show Brady sitting with his head in his hands on the bench. One of the coaches comes up to him again and says something we don’t hear. Brady grabs his helmet and heads out onto the field. As he is getting past the head coach, the coach grabs him and pulls him in.

Coach: I don’t know how, but it looks like someone showed up for you.

The coach motions back to the crowd behind the bench and Brady looks up from his depressed attitude to see the seat that was before empty, is now occupied by his girlfriend. She stands up, waves and shouts

Girlfriend: Brady I love you. Now kick some ass!
Coach: You heard the lady. Get your ass out there.

Brady puts on his helmet and with a huge smile, sprints out onto the field.

Scene 7:
Back in the blue huddle, Brady bursts in full of energy
Adam: Come on Brady, you got it. Touchdown this time.
Brady: Alright bitches, now that we are warmed up lets take it to these mother-fuckers and send them home.
Huddle: Hell Yeah!
Alan: Brady, you got time.
Brady: Thanks bro. Here we go. Laughlin-77-Z-wide. On 1, on 1. Break.

The huddle claps in time and runs to the line. Our perspective pans out to watch the play unfold from the view of the goalpost.

Announcer: Mass NEEDS a completion here
Announcer 2: At least an incomplete. Anything but a turnover.
Announcer: Brady Drops back to pass. He really has all day back there. He finds John over the middle of the field. Complete for a first down.

We watch the teams drive down as Rage Against The Machine’s “Bulls on Parade” plays over. Blue gets inside Team Red’s 20 yard line and the music fades out as we hear the announcer

Announcer: Fourth and goal and they are going for it. Brady drops back, rolls right and throws to John crossing in the end-zone. The safety comes over and its CAUGHT! John makes an INCREDIBLE Diving catch on a PERFECT Pass! This is what we expected when these two quarterbacks were going to play today and we got it. Blue is back in it and only down one touchdown.
Announcer 2: That was a big time throw and a big time catch.
Announcer: Yeah, thanks Jim.

Scene 8
We see a montage of big plays from the game with “Feel good Inc” playing over. Ryan Donk scrambling and getting intercepted. Brady Scrambles down the field and John comes out of nowhere to level Franco, the defensive end. Alan Makes a sack on Ryan Donk and gets up and celebrates. We see Ravi for team red diving for a pass in the endzone and landing in a huge mud puddle and not catching the pass. We see Michael for team Blue intercepting Ryan Donk on the sideline and all of team red sprinting over to get a hit. We see OG for team red breaking a tackle from Adam in the backfield and running in for a touchdown. Adam picks up a clump of mud and throws it at the ground. The score flashes up as the announcer comes back on. Red 7 – Blue 8

Announcer: And OG’s 4th touchdown of the day puts team red up with only 44 seconds to go in the game. Team red needs something and needs it now.

We zoom into the huddle and hear Brady pull another player, Anthony, aside.  Anthony is wearing dreadlocks pulled back and he has his shoes covered with his socks, but they have begun to tear with all the wear.

Brady: Look man, I need you to throw. I hurt my arm pretty bad.
Anthony: Why don’t you tell coach?
Brady: Because I don’t want him to sit me. I'll just stay in at WR and you can throw
Anthony: No man, this is your team. I cant…
Brady: Ant, I need you man. Please
Anthony: Alright, but after we score and win this game, I’m telling everyone it's your team and I just played my role. I don’t want any glory for myself
Brady: I know man. That’s why all your teammates love you. You’re such a great teammate and we all see that. Thanks for all your hard work and not complaining ever when we come to you.
Anthony: Hey, I just want to win partner. Now lets get out there and put this away!

Our perspective widens out to show Brady splitting out wide in the middle of trips left and another player all alone on the right, Steve. We zoom in on Anthony at an angle so we can see Steve in his 2 point stance at WR. Anthony walks up to center, looks at Steve and nods. Steve nods back

Anthony: Ready…
Announcer: Blue needs this score to tie and put themselves into a bowl game for the first time since 1995

Our perspective pans back directly behind Anthony, showing everyone on Blue in their stance and ready to go

Anthony: Blue-80 (Anthony backs up from center and signals an audible to his receivers)
Announcer: Anthony is changing the play at the line.
Anthony: Ready… Ready… Hut

(The ball is snapped and we see everything in Slow Motion. Our perspective focuses on Steve and we see him beat his defender’s bump and head for the corner of the end-zone. Our perspective shifts to Alan on the offensive line as he drives into the rusher and flattens him. We shift perspective to Brady who comes off the line cleanly but gets hit crossing the middle and goes down hard. We Shift to Anthony and see him look left and start to throw.  He brings the ball back down when Brady falls and starts to scramble. He nearly slips as he scrambles right but he sets himself. He sees Steve and waves him further downfield

Announcer: Anthony is looking for Steve

We see Anthony throw the ball downfield and get hit by Rick immediately after he releases. We follow the ball in slow Motion then shift attention to the safety, OG, who is making a break on the ball. We go back to Steve and the ball arrives just as OG Does. Steve goes up for the ball and tips it with his right hand. OG dives to try to break it up but Steve pulls the ball in with his left hand and secures it with both hands.

Announcer: Touchdown! Blue scored a Touchdown! The game is tied at 8 touchdowns and Blue is going to a bowl game and red is going home.

Steve is dancing in the end zone as everyone is running over to join in the cheering. We see Brady and Anthony running in together. A cheery song is playing over this part to commemorate the win.

Brady: Great throw partner
Anthony: Just finishing what you started. This was your win
Brady: Nah, man, this was OUR win
Girlfriend: (From off screen) Brady!

Brady turns around to see the girl with blonde hair and her right arm in a sling running towards him from the sideline

Brady: Cyn! Oh MY God, I cant believe it. What happened to you?
Cyn: After the plane crash, I wandered down to a village where the local medicine man fixed my wounds and nursed me back to health. I rode on Llama back down to the city and flew back in this morning.
Brady: But they said everyone died on that plane crash?
Cyn: Knowing I had to see you again kept me going, kept me alive. I don’t know how I made it and I came straight here from the airport. Nobody else knows I’m alive
Brady: Oh Cyn. I was devastated. Lets get married
Cyn: I was hoping you’d say that! My answer is 'YES, Oh My God YES!'

The camera pans over to Rick for the red team sitting up in a mud puddle at the 10 yard line. Adam and Alan come over

Adam: How you like us now, bitch?
Rick: Fuck you
Adam: (to Alan) you’re right, nine on nine is great.
Alan: Hells yah

Alan and Adam high-five and run off.

ACT THREE: The Aftermath

Scene 1
Most of Team Blue and some players from Team Red are in a bar after the game. Most of the Team Blue players are seated at a table. Everyone else is standing up. We see everything as if we are standing at the door looking in. The bartender rings a bell behind the bar and everyone looks up. Joe stands on a bar stool and begins to speak.

Joe: What a great fucking win. We needed that and we got it. (Everyone cheers) I’m so proud of you guys so I just wanted to say a few words. First of all, I think we need to call out a few awards. MVP this week, was…

Our perspective shifts around the room as we wait for the announcement. We stop at Steve.

Joe: Steve! (Applause) For scoring 3 touchdowns and that game tying touchdown that sends us to a bowl game in the National College Flag Football Conference. Great game man. Thanks.

Brady is standing next to Steve and he rubs Steve’s head and pushes him down a little

Brady: Yeah, you bastard, great game

Brady and Cyn are standing Arm in Arm. Our view flashes back to Joe and we see him still on the bar stool.

Joe: Alright, shut up. We got a couple more awards. Unexpected award goes to Michael. For not complaining very much at all, even though he didn’t get as much playing time as he wanted. AND, for making the most of that playing time with the pick on one of the few plays he was in there on D. Thanks Michael.

(Light applause and quit murmuring)

Joe: And now the most important award, the ULTIMATE Teammate award. There is only one man this can go to. This man exemplifies everything there is about being a team player and we have to recognize him. From doing whatever it takes to help the team, to letting other have the glory, to not switching sides in the middle of a game. All of you bitches can learn a thing or two from this guy.

Everyone is silent waiting for his name to be called

Joe: Anthony!

The bar erupts in applause and cheers. Our perspective goes back to the door of the bar and we see everyone surrounding Anthony and chanting his name as they pick him up, douse him with beer and throw roses at his feet.

We back up to see the exterior of the bar and we see Brady and Cyn walk out together. Snow begins to fall and they lean in close and kiss.
(Fade to black)
(roll credits)

Rick/Jobbo's Red Team 6
Adam/Joeski Blue Team 6

MVP: OG and Moss
MVP Honorable Mentions: Jon for the incredible catch early and the big shot on Franco late, and Chaz for making plays... again
Rubin Award: Anthony for complaining
Ultimate Teammate Award: Anthony, for always putting others first

Week 20 - It's A Man's World
Date Jan 19th, 2008
Where Washington High School
Attendance 30
Weather clear, sunny, warm
Rating 9/10
MVP Ryan Donk
Rubin Award Earl

An impromptu challenge game broke out. The HCFF guys vs. the "Playmakers", aka Wash High guys. Riding high from their earlier victory in the weekly flag tournament, the Playmakers were looking to steamroll another team. It didn't quite turn out that way. HCFF was solid at every position, forcing Chaz to move around in the pocket, while just keeping up with the speed of the receivers to make plays when it counted. Ryan Donk sat behind a solid line, making plays with his feet and arm at QB for HCFF. Although missing three starters (Adam, Jon, Roger), HCFF was able to fill in the gaps and bring home another challenge game victory. The game was marred by the weak-ass move of Earl, who threw a punch at Joeski; prompted by what, is not clear to anyone. For that he earns himself a Rubin Award.

The play of the day occurred on a kick-off. Greg booted the ball high and deep. Mike picked up the ball at the 3 yard line, but was quickly overtaken by Mel, and then Joeski. Mike looked to make something out of nothing by pitching back to OG. The pitch was less than accurate, leaving OG to scrambled to pick it up and get out of the end-zone. Joeski cut off OG's cutback, then Mel dove and took a swipe and his flag. OG eluded both of them, but the swarm kept coming. Jobbo forced OG to take an even wider path to the sideline, but it wasn't enough. Jobbo grabbed his flag for the safety.

EDIT: OG scored 3 TDs for his team, had a nice kick-off return, and took a little slant to the house.

On the ensuing "free kick", Chaz punted the ball out of bounds. The might be the first ever punt out of bounds after a safety... and it almost never happens in College or Pro ball. So we weren't quite sure how to rule it. Chaz put forth his authority on the subject, stating it was legal, since it was a punt. So HCFF got the ball at the 3 yard line. Joeski picked up his copy of the NFL rules, and not-so-quickly dug around and found the rules for a "free kick". Turns out, you can't kick off a tee, but you can have someone hold it while you kick off the ground, or you can punt it. In either case, standard kick off rules apply to a ball that has gone out of bounds.

HCFF - 6.5
Wash High Playmakers - 4

Week 19 - Peace, Love, and Understanding
Date Jan 12th, 2008
Where Washington High School
Attendance 23
Weather clear, sunny, warm
Rating 9/10
MVP Steve
MVP runner-ups Adam, Chaz, Ben
Most Improved (since last week) Michael
Rubin Award Anthony
Lucky Pierre Anthony

It's only Tuesday? After the fantastic week of football just three days ago, I cant wait for the next game. I open my front door and step into the scattered showers. My car is parked just across the street so I walk the distance, not afraid to get wet. As I pull my keys out and try to get them in the door, I realize just how cold it is. A strong gust blows, seemingly just to reinforce the thought. My pace quickens as I reach in the back of my car to grab my soccer boots to get them ready for this weekend. Clumps of mud fall off into the back of my Subaru Impreza where the shoes have been stored since Saturday. I slam the hatch and run back to the house just as the rain starts to increase.

"Nothin but a G thang" has just come on my ipod speakers and Dre is explaining how he causes other MCs to crumble as I reach the thermostat. I turn it up about 12 degrees to 76. The two minutes spent outside retrieving my shoes has surprisingly chilled me quite a bit and I need to defrost. I put on a sweatshirt and get to cleaning my shoes. I want to get them ready for the 12th. I want to get them ready for the 6 on 6 match-up that turns into an 11 on 11, well balanced day.

Dirt particles are flying everywhere as I pick out the collected debris between the molded spikes. My cleaning intensifies as I Imagine Drew fumbling the pitch on the first play of the game, only to pick it up in his own endzone and throw it to the other team that is returned for a touchdown. He could have thrown it back to me, or at least out of bounds; anywhere but to the other team. I can see me leading my team at QB with Jobbo, John, Drew, Ben, Scotty and Curt; facing them in the huddle after we get the ball back. I see the other team in a good position with Joe coming off back to back MVP weeks and OG as the play maker. I focus on my work cleaning the shoes to distract me...

I'm polishing the uppers of my Adidas F30+ and imagining Ben's total dominance on D-Line. He gets back to back sacks on Joeski inside their own ten and forces them to punt. We get the ball back and I hit Jobbo for the first TD pass of my day. "Too bad its just a dream" I think as Steve, Chaz and many others arrive at "Juette Memorial Field" at Washington High. I'll just go with it and see how it plays out.

How did I get this much mud caked into my laces? I debate whether or not to go get two more laces. I anticipate resetting the field with the game tied 1-1. Drew just intercepterd for us and we have the ball first on the 25 yard line. Since I'm sure Curtis will leave early, as will Drew, I bet we pick up Steve, and Michael jumps sides to join us. The game no doubt turns into a defensive battle as the teams fill out to 8-8 with subs. Unable to move the ball much of the day, Joe's team will punt to us and I'll take over. We will drive down only to face 4th and 1. I bet that they will try to cheat and call me down as I dive for the first on a QB draw and make us turn the ball over. Thanks to Joe's ineptitude today at QB, we get the ball back a few plays later... I bet this is how its going to go... I just have to wait a few more days to find out.

Come Saturday, I've cleaned my shoes and I'm ready for the game. Everything is playing out exactly as I thought it would. Joe is unable to do much at QB. OG is not getting the ball enough. Despite have much more size than us, Joe is not trying to run the ball at us at all. The only thing different is that I twist my ankle in warmups and dive for a fumble and bruise my collarbone. Sure enough, even the cheating complaint on 4th and 1 that they take away from us happens. I get the ball back and Chaz tells me "Just throw it up. Ill get it." I throw it up on 4th and goal from the 10 and sure enough, Chaz goes up for it and brings it back. After OG takes the kickoff back for a TD to tie the game at 2, we once again march down the field. This time, on 1st and goal, we stack the backfield and run a play action that EVERYONE bites on, leaving Steve wide open in the end zone. He catches the ball and we are back up, 3-2.

Anthony has defected sides after I asked him to play line and now he plays QB for Joe's team. Behind a line of Jermaine, Rick G and Dwayne, he should have no problem finding a reciever. His first pass finds the defense instead. Chaz picks off Anthony and returns it for a TD. Next time out Anthony hits Steve, another defender, and Steve takes it back for a TD. The game is basically over and its better than I could have imagined. Chaz takes over at QB and is sharp. He hits Steve in the back of the endzone to put us up 6-3. Chaz then comes back and hits Michael (not complaining) for a 60 yard pass.

On a day dominated by defense and dropped balls, there were a few key plays. Steve was phenomenal (as usual) in scoring 4 TDs and in coverage, and even rushing. Adam was the best of the QBs throwing 3 TDs and no INTs. Michael had a great day of solid performance, that 60 yard cross, and no complaining.

Unfortunately, neither QB on the losing team performed well. Joe wasn't terrible, but he wasn't good either - and continued to admit it over and over at Fishbowl. After all the trash talking, Anthony played poor: Three INTs and 1 TD. He had a performance worthy of the Lucky Pierre Award, and his trash talk to his own team alone earned him the Rubin award for the week. Ben was a Monster on defense Rick G caused problems for the opposition all day.

This was the day I dreamed about and it came true. Beautiful blue skies and soft ground coupled with a fun attitude and little complaining. It doesn't get any better than it did on the second Saturday of January......if you were on my winning team.

-Adam "the bard" Linke

Adam's Red Team 8
Joeski's Blue Team 3

Week 18 - Love Me Tender
Date Jan 5th, 2008
Where Washington High School
Attendance 12
Weather rainy and wet
Rating 8.5/10
MVP Joeski and Zach the new guy
Rubin Award Mike B

Saturday, January 5th. Two teams. 12 players. 13 touchdowns.

Joe (The organizer) Dobrowolski looked like he was brought back down to earth after his MVP game at West sunset. He was pressured all day and had a hard time getting the ball moving. Even though the game started with only 5 on a side, Joe (The Organizer) felt pressure all day. Although he led red to a quick score, he followed that up with back to back 3 and outs.

Team blue Started out with Rick T looking to further his QB career. He was met with little success, but was replaced with new guy Zach at QB. Zach hit Adam for two scores to put the good guys up 2-1.

The weather played a factor all day. Sporadic showers and high winds made passing difficult. Both teams tried to run, and red had better RBs. They scored on a sweep to tie the game at 2. Team blue tried to dedicate themselves to the run, but there was little to be had all over the field.

Adam came in from third string to play a set at QB. After an incomplete play action pass, a 2nd down run was stopped in the backfield. On third, Adam sailed a pass over the head of a wide open Gardner. 4th down was in the ground and blue took over.

Predictably, blue went 3 and out and Zach came back in at QB. He battled all day against a fierce blue pass rush and left the game late, up 6-4. Red converted a 4th and goal and made the game 6-5. Following a team blue turnover, blue scored again; this time on an out to Michael (Jobbo) Jobling. With the game tied 6-6, Adam came in to score quick and send everyone home. Despite throwing incomplete on first and second down, Rick T caught a deep cross that created a new set of downs. On 1st and ten and less than 1 minute to go, Adam tried to setup the screen. JB bounced out of the backfield and never looked for the ball. Adam put the pass right where it should have been and JB tipped it to Mikey-Mike, who returned the INT for a score as time expired.

MVP would have gone to Rick T for the first time in history, because of his two TDs, two INTs and 3 sacks. He was all over the field, but the played for the wrong team. Its difficult for everyone to read this, but MVP has to go to Joe (The Organizer) again. He played strong in the clutch, leading his team back from three scores down late to win. He had two batted balls, and three sacks on the last two defensive sets for his team.

Rubin award goes to Mikey-Mike for insisting on playing WR, having The Organizer tell him "Mike, if you complain, you are going to play line". Mikey-Mike complained again and was relegated to line. Mikey-Mike then complained again and was relegated to line for the following series. Even the game winning pick-6 couldn't counter-act the Rubin-ness of the complaining. Incidentally, this situation brought up the debate on whether the Rubin award should be changed to the "Rick-T award". It was settled when everyone decided that Rick-T does not exhibit enough Rubinesque qualities to merit changing the name of the award. However, this does set a precedent so that anyone who is complaining vocally in the huddle will be called "Rick T" and be relegated to line for that series; unless they are already on the line, at which point they will further be ridiculed and told to shut up.

This game set a new record for most hung-over participants with 8. Army Rick was hardest hit and almost had to excuse himself to vomit.

Joeski's Blue Team 7
Adam's Red Team 6

-Adam "The Bard" Linke

Week 17 - Play with Fire
Date Dec 29th, 2007
Where West Sunset Playground
Attendance 10
Weather rainy and wet
Rating 9/10
MVP Ravi and Joe
Hardcore Player of the Game Army Rick

Change of venue, change of pace. The final hardcore flag football match of 2007 brought the hardest of hard to West Sunset playground. Gone were the turnouts of 30+, 12/28 brought bad weather, difficult directions and 10 players. 5 on 5 were the rules. When the organizer finally arrived, he remarked "Lets split up the new guys" Split up Rick and Alan, and Adam and I will play quarterback."

The worst mistake of his life. Everyone knows that Adam is a real QB and Joe Dobrowolski (the organizer) is not. Joe seemed to have confidence in his abilities in rain and near sleet, but would defenses confirm his beliefs?

Team red was lead by Adam and team blue was lead by Joe. Starting with 4 players on a side, people were bitching. The rules were unclear and that seemed to cause quite a bit of confusion. This confusion no doubt lef to Rick Garcia missing a flag pull on Adam in the backfield, allowing Adam to hit Rick T for 40 yards, setting up a quick TD. Blue answered back with a long pass to Ravi, setting up the tie.

The game was tied when Greg and Tre showed up to make 5 vs 5. Greg brought some much needed speed to team red, while Tre brought the size that blue was missing. That size seemed to turn the tables as blue came out and hit Ravi and a new guy to go up by two. Greg played a set at QB for red and hit Adam for an impromptu hook and lateral that was voided by an inadvertent whistle. After turning the ball over on downs, Joe brought blue down for another TD to Balla. Blue was in control.

Team red answered by bringing in a new QB. After a quick 3 and out, team blue took over. Alan shot the gap and shook RB Ravi Bhalla up in the backfield for a 10 yard loss. After the ensuing punt, Adam came back in at QB. Hitting Rick T in the middle of the field setup a TD to Greg. Team Red was down by 1 score.

After an 8 minute, 60 yard drive, Ballh took the pitch 6 yards into the end zone to go up by three. Adam brought team red down for a quick score but Joe (the organizer) threw a 60 yard strike to Balla for an answering touchdown.

Rick T came out for Red under center and led an impressive drive. On 4th and three, Rick T hit Adam on a quick out to keep the drive alive. On a later 4th down, Joe jumped an out to Adam and broke up the play, forcing red to turn the ball over on downs.

Despite scoring late, team red came up one score short. Team blue put their cheating and their bitching to good use, shutting down Red late. All in all, despite the weather and complaining, 10 guys came together, cultivated existing (non-homosexual, platonic) relationships and developed new friendships.

Hardcore player of the game is Rick Garcia for getting his foot stepped on, twisting an ankle and playing injured. BRAT award winner is a tie going to Balla and Joe for their ability to cheat and score. Their dominance was felt all day.


Week 16 - BYE Week
Date Dec 22nd, 2007

Week 15 - Loss of Control
Date Dec15th, 2007
Where Washington High School
Attendance 35
Weather overcast and cool
Rating 6/10

Too many people, a big mess.... but the final game was fun.

Week 14 - Hot in the City
Date Dec 8th, 2007
Where Washington High School
Attendance 29
Weather sunny and cool
Rubin Award Mike (picking a lame team)
Cocksucker Award Soccer players
Rating 7.85/10

12:05 pm – The first few guys start showing up at Washington high.
12:15 pm – Three guys arrive
12:30 pm – Earl struggles to slid in under the fence. He makes it.
12:31 pm – Bradley and one of the other guys decide to try to climb the fence. They make it
12:32 pm – Adam tries to slide under the fence.
12:33 pm – Adam gets stuck trying to slide under the fence
12:35 pm – Jobbo shows up
12:38 pm – Bradley finds his old mouthpiece at the bottom of his shoes. He uses it anyway.
12:42 pm – Adam makes it under the fence.
12:45 pm – Chaz shows up and starts talking shit
12:47 pm - Mike attempts to throw a pass to someone and it sails high and left
12:50 pm – Adam attempts to kick a ball back to the soccer players and it sails high and left
12:55 pm – Garcia drives by and shouts "Did Matt pick up the equipment?"
12:56 pm – Someone answers Garcia and he drives off exasperated to pick up the equipment
12:57 pm – Someone curses Joe Dobrowlski for the first time today.
12:57 pm – QB Anthony shows up and begins his 40 minute dressing routine.
1:00 pm – The soccer players are supposed to be finished.
1:01 pm – Garcia shows up with the equipment
1:02 pm – Anthony, Chaz and others start shouting at the soccer players
1:03 pm – Anthony says "they need to get off the field before we go over there and kick those motherfuckers off"
1:05 pm – Mike and Bradley start setting up the field
1:10 pm – Garcia tells Adam that Adam should be captain and to make sure to split up the Washington high players
1:10 pm – Adam says "I don't want to fuckin pick"
1:20 pm – Adam, Anthony and Mike ro-sham-bo for first pick
1:20 pm – Adam wins the first of many ro-sham-bo challenges
1:35 pm – the Soccer players finally finish
1:40 pm – John Parker, Ryan Donk, Falko and "Bad-Groin" Brady show up
1:41 pm – Adam seizes the opportunity to draft John Parker to his already loaded team
1:45 pm – Adam's and Mike's teams begin game 1
1:46 pm – Adam wins another ro-sham-bo challenge
1:50 pm – "OG" takes a 1 yard pass and runs it 45 yards for a touchdown
1:51 pm – Mikes team takes over with MVP Ryan at QB
1:52 pm – MVP Ryan throws a perfect pass and its dropped by his receiver.
1:55 pm – MVP Ryan runs the ball in for a touchdown
1:56 pm – "OG" Takes the kickoff back for a TD
1:58 pm – MVP Ryan throws a perfect pass and its dropped by his receiver.
1:59 pm - MVP Ryan throws a perfect pass and its dropped by his receiver.
2:00 pm - MVP Ryan throws a perfect pass and its dropped by his receiver.
2:02 pm – Chaz is still talking shit
2:03 pm – MVP Ryan completes a pass to set them up for the go ahead TD
2:07 pm – MVP Ryan throws a perfect pass to the end zone on fourth down… and its dropped.
2:08 pm – Adam's team runs out the clock
2:09 pm – Game over.

2:15 pm – Adam's team and Anthony's team take the field for game two
2:16 pm – Adam wins another ro-sham-bo challenge
2:16 pm – Chaz is making excuses for why his team lost
2:22 pm – Anthony finally kicks the ball off to start the game
2:25 pm – "OG" breaks a sweet 30 yard run, to setup Adam's team for a sure score.
2:26 pm – Adam calls an ill-advised run that goes no where
2:27 pm – Adam and the RB and the WR all run into each other. Adam scrambles out and finds a wide open Jon, only to throw the ball right into the ground.
2:28 pm – Adam gets sacked
2:30 pm – Adam sees Jon Wide Open in the end zone on 4th down and overthrows him by about 30 yards
2:32 pm – Chaz is still talking shit
2:34 pm – Anthony hits Brandon on a quick slant, beating Drew
2:35 pm – Greg tells Adam, "Watch out, because, he is going to fake the slant and take it to the corner on Drew"
2:36 pm – Brandon fakes the slant and takes it to the corner on Drew. Anthony throws a perfect pass for a TD.
2:40 pm – Adam hits Greg for a key 4th down save.
2:42 pm – Greg beats Viddy on an out. Viddy pulls the flag, but Greg dives into the endzone anyway.
2:43 pm – Adam calls his own number and follows John and Brad into the endzone for the tying score.
2:45 pm – Jon makes a huge 4th down stop to secure the tie.
2:46 pm – we all feel like losers, because the games ends in a tie.

2:50 pm – Mike's team and Anthony's team take the field.
2:52 pm – Chaz is still talking shit.
2:54 pm – MVP Ryan throws a strike to Chaz in the endzone… and he drops it.
2:58 pm – people stop caring about this game
3:00 pm – people start leaving
3:15 pm – Chaz is still talking shit
3:30 pm – this game ends or something…
3:35 pm – Adam leaves, citing boredom, or illness or something
4:22 pm – Adam decides he needs a burrito and heads over to El Burrito Express
4:30 pm – Jon, Ryan, Brady, Matt and Mike convene at Fishbowl
4:38 pm – Adam arrives at Fishbowl
4:40 pm – everyone has a beer in their hand
4:44 pm – Somewhere, Chaz is still talking shit

-Adam "the Bard" Linke

Week 13 - Cold Hearted Steal
Date Dec 1st, 2007
Where Washington High School
Attendance 32
Weather sunny and cool
MVP Chaz
Rubin Award Anthony's long 3 min huddles
Rating 9/10

Chaz caught 3 TD passes including a game winner, threw another, made three crucial first downs, and only asked to play receiver 15 times - the clear MVP on the day. Vidi finally had a break through day, hauling in three touchdowns, including a game winner..... is the ankle feeling better?

Joeski was thrown into action as QB of his Juggernauts. Three plays after kickoff and they already had a TD. It's wasn't a cake walk, but this play was consistent and impressive all day long as they went 2-0 in the challenges games and won the late game. They used smart play calling, a good rotation, distributed the ball to all of the skill players, soild play at the line, even from the skinny guys like Vince who usually don't block, a ferocious rush from Dwayne and Rick Garcia, and big kickoffs from Jobbo... who didn't have a single chance to punt on the day.

Anthony had a good at QB, but he wore out the patience of the guys on the sideline and defense with his excessively long huddles. He also had a crucial mistake that resulted in one of the best and longest plays of the year. From the 15 yard line, Anthony ran a QB sneak between the guard and tackle. After getting to the 9 yard line, he just stopped. Brandon knocked the ball out of his hand, which Anthony seemed to just drop, before he pulled his flag. A few seconds later, Alan picked up and raced toward the other end zone. Alan checked the sideline a few times. Everyone was laughing and cheering while telling him to keep going. Turns out, Anthony mistook the end zone pylons for the back of the end zone, thinking he had already scored a TD. Great play by Brandon to knock the ball loose, and heads up play by Alan to get the fumble recovery and 59 yard return for a TD.

Mat's team was plagued by injury, drug allegations, ball hogs, and attrition. A healthy team would have been competitive all day. They lost to Anthony's team on the very last play of overtime, after a 20min regulation game that resulted in a 2-2 tie. Then the injuries started and they couldn't recover.

Joeski's Juggernauts: 3-0-0
Anthony's Anacondas: 2-1-0
Mat's Military Men: 0-1-2


Week 12 - Turkey Bowl
Date Nov 24th, 2007
Where Washington High School
Attendance 30
Weather warm and sunny
MVP Mark, the rookie
Runner-up MVPs Anthony and Rich Ryan
Rating 9/10

There were plenty of overstuffed ballers ready for Turkey Bowl IX. We split into three teams for 20min challenge games. The matchups were low scoring affairs with defense taking charge. Field position was important and special teams played a big part in the game, even though no one scored on a punt or kickoff.

Rich Ryan is an unexpected MVP Runner-up. He played corner all day, was picked on all day by opposing QBs, but only gave up two catches, each for less than 10 yards, and neither for a first down. He also broke up a long pass in the end zone.

Germaine was the game changer of the day. Somehow, after Anthony's team was already winning, they picked up late comer Germaine... who incedentally was filmed while attempting to go under the fence. Germaine created matchup problems on the line, forcing two guys to block him, leaving an extra LB in the flats. This forced the opposing team to make quick throws into a crowded secondary. Although the stats are not there to back it up, Germaine was a force in the late game.

Anthony had another solid performance at QB, leading his team to three victories on the day. It helped that he had the MVP of the day on his team. Mark, a rookie, put on a great performance with his 3 TDs, INT, and a huge hit on yours truly that got the sidelines crowd fired up.


Week 11 - The Fog Bowl
Date Nov 17th, 2007
Where Washington High School
Attendance 26
Weather FOG, FOG, FOG
MVP Brady
MVP-Runner Up Carlos
Rubin Award Vidi - to much talk, not enough game
Rating 9.5/10

Another amazing game of hardcore flag football. A huge turnout of guys, endured the nearly impenetrable fog to battle for hours in a long game that ended at 4:15pm.

Circus Steve had a patented Circus play on the day, tipping the ball to himself, then juking his way down field 40 yards for a touchdown. Steve pulled in another touchdown on a jump ball over Mel. Carlos put in the best effort of his short career. After a disappointing week in the rain last week, Los was determined to follow up with a big performance. And he did. Los was a monster on the line, dominating at Center and Tackle, and plugging the holes at nose tackle. His actual stats are not known, and can never be known, but did create the push on the goal line play that allowed Ant to jump over the line and score a TD. Taz racked up two headlock tackles on the day. Brandon had the best defensive play of the day, when he slipped his hand under Taz's arm to tip away a sure catch that Anthony put in a place where only Taz could catch it. It was wasn't on the final play of the day, but it was the difference between a win and a tie. Joeski was a force on the D-line again, with 5 sacks, 6 hurries, 3 tackles for losses, and only a couple of plays where he lost containment. Anthony was a scrambling maniac at QB, mostly b/c he had to. Relentless rush in face forced Ant to make quick decisions and scramble for his life all day long. When he could, Ant held strong in the pocket and made quick throws under pressure. When the DBs were smothering his receivers, he moved around in the pocket, looked for a pass, then took off scrambling. As a pass-first scrambling QB, he still found himself rumbling for 5 first downs and 65 yards.

Brady was yanked off the inured reserve list and thrown into the mix at QB. Six weeks off proved to be a benefit. He showed little rust in his dominating performance. Play calling was on the mark, he used his players effectively, and ran for a buck-fifteen. He was the Tim Tebow of HCFF on this day. His solid leadership was edge in a tight game.

Red beats Blue 5-4.


Week 10 - Purple Rain
Date Nov 10th, 2007
Where Washington High School
Attendance 19
Weather Raining
MVP Keith, Mel, Mat, Adam, Joe
Rating 9.95/10

Best game of the season. A full rain game with a ton of action. Lots of solid performances. Carlos's Blue Bandits took on Adam's Red Rampage, in a battle of the quick versus the large.

Mel made some crazy plays. Keith had multiple picks, scored a few TDs and was fast in the mud. Joeski was trouble on defense, with multiple sacks and flag pulls for losses, 2 fumble recoveries and TD on offense - plus he was back in form as Charlie Hustle running all over the field. Adam put in a solid performance at QB while their was non-stop pressure in his face all day, making repeated smart plays, keeping the wet ball under control and leading his team to victory. Mat the non-QB put on a surprising show after taking over at QB, constantly moving the chains on long drives, running and throwing, even hitting Jim on a deep pass he usually can't throw on a dry day. Jim had his best game of the year, highlighted by his big reception from Mat on 4th down, which lead to a TD.

In the end, the size of Carlos's Blue Bandits could not contain the speed and agility of Adam's Red Rampage who jumped out to a 3 TD by mid-game. The Blue Bandits continued to chip away, but were able to close the gap. The Red Rampage won 6-4.

We were kicked off of Mission High School by the coach of the team. We will be playing at Washington High School for the forgeable future.


Week 9 - BYE WEEK
Date Nov 3, 2007

Week 8 - SKI in the City
Date Oct 27th, 2007
Where Mission High School
Attendance 21
Weather clear and warm
MVP Mat Falkowski and Anthony
Rating 8.99/10

Joeski's red team took on Rubin's blue team. Joeski picked Anthony first - he needed a QB, then Mat. While Rubin went with Jonny Parker and Bradshaw. The fate of the game was changed when Bradshaw, the most dominant player in HCFF history (history being the key word), went out with a strained abdomen early in the first quarter. In the pocket, Anthony was given more time than usual - probably due to a sidelined Bradshaw. This gave Ant a few moments to survey the field and break down the coverage. Ant was solid during his best performance of the season. He marched his team up and down the field all day while scrambling for 45 yards and three first downs, as well as throwing for over 300 yards and 3 TDs. Anthony earned MVP honors for the first time in his HCFF career. Falkowski was dominant on both sides of the line, giving up zero sacks, while pressuring the QB all day, including 2 sacks. Falkowski also scored two TDs. Earning Mat Falkowski his second MVP in a row. Jonny Parker earns a runner-up MVP as the best performer on the blue team. Jonny is quickly becoming the current most dominant player in HCFF. But one dominant player was not enough for blue to overcome the complete team of red.

The Pontiac Game Changing Performance occurred late in the 4th quarter. After a huge Joeski kickoff, which pretty much mesmerized the red team - the kicking team, Joeski, first down the field, barely missed the flag, and blue scampered down the sidelines to the 3 yard line. Two false starts, three downs, and 2 yards later, blue had a final chance on 4th and goal. OG leaped into the air to pull down the INT. A score there would have pushed the game to within 1 score.

With the clock winding down on a 6-4 game, Blue was given one last chance to score. They marched down the field with multiple first downs. From the 20 they were moving into striking position. Rubin looked down the field for Parker, but Joeski pulled off his man, spying the QBs eyes and jumped the route. Pulling down the INT, he stiff-armed one player and sprinted to the sideline around his D-line. With two blue players about to crash from the side, Joeski hit the brakes and cut back inside. As he attempted to get back across the field, he was met by another blue player, who first went for the strip, the flag, and finally the feet. Joeski maintained his balance and ran behind Anthony who was holding a block near the endzone. Joeski sliced between two defenders into the endzone, scoring a game sealing TD. Victory is ours!

Sidenote: Taz asked if he could try out the "TE" spot. He did, he likes it, then was sent back to the O-line


Week 7 - On and On and On....
Date Oct 20th, 2007
Where Mission High School
Attendance 23
Weather clear and warm
MVP Mat "jumpin jack" Falkowski
Rating 8.85/10

One long ass day of football. As the clock wound down in the 4th quarter. Rubin was driving his team toward the end zone, for the final late score that would put them up by two to seal the victory. On the goal line, 4th down, and time running out, Rubin called the jump pass to the front cone play. Falkowski smelled something and switched from left DE to right DE. At the snap he swam past the blocker, jumped in the air, tipped the jump pass. The ball floated in the air for what seemed hours to some and milliseconds to others. Mat had the presence of mind to not only locate the ball, but pull it in and start to rumble down the field. With the ball secured and defenders behind him, Mat turned on the jets and blasted into his own endzone untouched. As the clock hit 4pm, the game ended tied 6-6.


Week 6 - Puddle of Mud
Date Oct 13th, 2007
Where Mission High School
Weather moist and warm
MVP Roger
Rating 7.78/10

Friday was a massive rain storm, Saturday became a slightly sloppy mud pit. Football was played, players ran routes, people scored touchdowns.

Roger stepped into the spotlight, throwing 5 TD passes to lead his team to victory.


Week 5 - Those Fighter Planes
Date Oct 5th, 2007
Where Mission High School
Attendance 26
Weather Sunny, sunny, and more sunny
MVP Chaz at QB, Bradshaw and Carlos on "D"
Rating 8.25/10

This day marked the return of fleet week to the bay and the return of Bradshaw to the gridiron. He may be old, his scruff may be full of white hairs, but he still has the quicks and power to dominate on the line. He was causing havoc on the line, helping blue maintain a lead. Then both Falkowski and Bradshaw had to leave. Joeski became the biggest lineman for blue... that was trouble. Matched up against a large, strong, skilled line on the red team, a comeback was in order. Around 3pm, red called last series... 5 touchdowns later, the final, final, final series ended this long day. It was fitting that red pulled down an interception to complete the comeback and seal victory.

Carlos, aka LOS, aka Mexican Grizzly Adams had the best day of his professional career. One that he should hold onto, as he may never reach these heights again. No commentary needed, his stats speak for themself....
4 tackles
2 sacks
2 broken up passes
2 batted balls
2 potential first downs, broken up
6 deep kick-offs
1 burglary in progress on Delores, broken up


Week 4 - Talkin' All That Jazz
Date Sept 29, 2007
Where Mission High School
Attendance 26
Weather Sunny, sunny, and more sunny
MVP New guy at safety
Rubin Award Construction crew that locked Rubin's car inside the gate
Rubin Award Juan, at cornerback, for knocking down two sure interceptions by his own safety - the first time he ran on the field after the snap as the ninth player.
Rubin Award Ravi for telling Juan to get on the field
Rubin Award Dumbass who laid a hit on allen mid-field and said, "I thought it was tackle"
Rating 9/10

The summer months of San Francisco bring with it cold, fog, and depression. The promise that Spring provides has long since faded from memory come July. The warm, pleasant days of Late April and early May are like that lost toy from your childhood. You remember it was nice, and you miss it, but there is nothing you can do to get it back. By the time football season has come around, everyone is restless indoors and itching for good weather and some activity. The last few weeks of September and into early November is that time and HCFF knows it. For the 3rd straight week, "Eric Rubin memorial field" at Mission High was blessed with beautiful weather, a good turnout, and a great day of football.

The teams were split up by captains Rubin and Anthony. Adam and Rubin were the QBs for the red team, and self appointed captain and QB Anthony running the show for the blue team. Team blue came out fast, taking the lead on a quick score. Adam brought "The Champs" out, looking to equalize. New player 'Rookie "Richie" Rich Ryan' proved valuable on 3rd down, making a couple of great catches, but he couldn't break up an overthrow from Adam that was tipped and intercepted. Blue was unable to capitalize on the turnover, handing the ball back to red on a punt. "The Champs" pushed back down the field to the goal line, where a perfect strike to Vidi was muffed, falling into the hands of the other team.

Team "The Champs" brought in a new QB, 2006-07 Rookie of the year, "MVP Ryan" the defense held. While Ryan got his bearings on the new team. A quick scramble for a touchdown brought the game back to 2-1 in favor of "The Chumps". Ryan then lofted a ball into the end-zone, the WR didn't make the play and it was again intercepted. The game continued this way, with players from both sides making frustrating, boneheaded moves. The final score was irrelevant (actually it was a 5-5 tie), as "Taz" was allowed to score twice, making the game null and void (whenever Taz scores, you know its a shitty day and the score doesn't count).

New player 'Rookie "Richie" Rich Ryan', aka little Rick Garcia, showed some good hands, ability to move well, block well, take and give punishment, and a great attitude. New player David was exceptional on Defense again, although he had no TDs on offense.

Adam set the record for "lowest QB rating in single game" of 14.4.... but he can hold his head high because Rex Grossman set the bar even lower with a zero rating. Dobrowolski had a magical one handed catch in the corner of the end zone, that didn't count because it happened in his mind only the night before the game while masturbating to unicorn porn. "MVP Ryan" showed flashes of brilliance but was quoted as saying "What the fuck is wrong with my receivers?", shaking his head walking off the field and reminding himself that at he is just a 22 year old kid with 15 years+ left in his career to wonder, "What the fuck is wrong with my receivers?". (Rick T will probably still be playing at that point.)

Saturday also marked the return of ex-organizer, ex-all-star, ex-BMOC, and current owner/manager/boltcuttermaster, Eric Rubin to "Eric Rubin memorial field" at Mission High. Rubin brought with him his trademarked blitz happy defense and ability to confuse the opposing QB by lining 8 up in the box (from an 8 man team). Eric played well at QB and Safety, two positions he has dominated in the past (or as Bradshaw puts it, "the only positions he can play past his prime").

-Adam "the bard" Linke (edited by Joeski)

Week 3 - It's a Hard Knock Life
Date Sept 22, 2007
Where Mission High School
Attendance 31
Weather Overcast and cool
MVP Jonny "Red" Parker and Ravi Bhalla
Rubin Award Adam (falling down twice at the QB position without being touched)
Hard Knock Award Steve for his big downfield block
Rating 8.75/10

The field at Mission High school has come to be known affectionately as "the shit hole" or "Eric Rubin Memorial Field" at Mission High School. That sentiment was further reinforced on Saturday, when, after a rain, the field felt like a giant cow pie. A thin layer of mud and dried grass collected everywhere, clogging the cleated soles of the hardcore warriors. Like true footballers, nobody complained, everyone was just happy to be out there on a Saturday afternoon, playing the game they love.

The turnout at 12:30 looked like it was going to provide two good teams with a few subs. The squads were divided up and the game got underway, with Joeski, Rocket Rog and a couple of rookies on the blue team. ROY Ryan, Carlos, and Ravi on team red. After blue kicked off, 10 more people showed up, and the game was converted to a 20-minute timed affair. The Blue team lost their subs, as the sidelines were scavenged for the third team and it proved costly. With the innate precision of a surgeon, or a classical pianist, Ryan led team red down on a drive that ended with Ravi galloping into the end-zone from 8 yards out. Team blue had no answer, as they came out and punted. Ryan again put 7 more on the board with a run in from his other running back. The pre-game enthusiasm was wiped from Team blue as the final score showed 4-0

The second game brought Team Blue out with Mac-daddy-Mat, Braeden "pulled groin" Mass, "don't throw that shit my way" Steve, Adam "sexy beast", Joeski and Johnny "No patience" Parker taking on the victors from the first game. Blue started as poorly as possible, as a fumbled pitch to the running back was scooped up by "not so slim" Jim and taken into the end zone for a quick score. Blue came back down the field to even up the score when B-Mass took the drag pattern into the end-zone for one of his trademarked Touchdown catches. After a long drive by team read put them ahead by a touchdown, Adam led Team Blue into a two minute drill. A short pass completion was followed up by a 60 yard scramble up the sideline, setting up what could be the tying score. Taking the snap from center, Adam stumbled and almost fell down. He looked up for his tight end who was coming free in the right flat, but instead tried to thread a pass to a crossing Mass and was picked off at the goal line. The game ended 2-1.

The two losers of the day faced off in a head to head matchup of mediocrity. Rocket Rog and his rag-tag band of rookies came out in red while "Team Frustration", the losers in the second game, came out in blue. Red picked up a free agent quarterback, though, for the second go 'round. ROY Ryan came on to try to lead team red to victory. Following a Red punt, WR-turned-QB, "Slash" Mass hit Parker for a short pass that he took the rest of the way into the end zone, thanks to a devastating block by Steve. The big hits kept coming as Steve came up from safety to lay out one of the red receivers. The game ended with "Team Frustration" unable to stop anyone and ROY Ryan used poise and perfect passes to keep on clicking for team red.

There was another game in here after this, but lets just not mention it...

The final game brought the remaining players out for one "winner take all" battle royale. Team Frustration decided to come out in a Zone defense which Ryan proceeded to pick apart quickly and deftly. His ability to find the open receiver and to put points on the board is changing ROY Ryan into MVP Ryan. Johnny "Important points" Parker brought Team Frustration down for a quick score to answer. MVP Ryan brought Red back down for another quick score and John matched. MVP Ryan illustrated his mortality on an ill-advised throw that was tipped by Matt and intercepted by Joey-D. Parker needed only one play from his offense to get into the end zone and put the game away.

Saturday's game marked the sideline appearance of Joey "Long hair". He made it to the field for the first time after his shooting altercation. He expects to be back on the field within 4 weeks. Mateo also showed up for his first game of the season. He brought out his trademarked long kicks and big hits. Mateo was also on the receiving end of many of Ryan's touchdown passes.

The rookies had a down day this week as both leading candidates for ROY were held without touchdowns or big impact plays on defense. We anticipate further growth from this rookie class as the year progresses.

The field has finally been watered at "Eric Rubin Memorial Field" at Mission High, thanks to God. If weather like this continues, you may want to consider wearing longer spikes.

-Adam "the bard" Linke

Week 2 - Money for Nuthin'
Sept 15, 2007
Where Mission High School
Attendance 20
Weather Sunny and warm
MVP Omare, Chaz, Adam "Self Serving" Linke
Rubin Award Anyone who chose Treasure Island concert over football this week
Lucky Pierre Franco, the center, who thought the QB was talking to him when he said, "Z-Out", and Franco ran from the center up the field, leaving the nose guard free to sack the QB
Rating 8/10

The turnout of week 1 was a distant memory come week 2. Only 5 regulars showed, coupled with two new players and returning rookie from last week, Paul. The Washington High Crew showed up with about 10 of their own to make it a good game for the day.

The teams were split up evenly using all players. Chaz, the star QB from Washington was again dominant for Team Red. His trademarked 60 yard Touchdown passes was used to beat Zhi from team Blue twice. Team Blue was unable to get much going on offense all game. Despite a big line and some quick receivers, Anthony was only able to drop back a few steps and get rid of the ball. New guy David was putting constant pressure on the Blue QBs all day. After a rare miscue by Team Red that Adam "Hand Model" Linke picked off, team Blue could only muster 12 yards before punting right back to team Red. Red went down the field to score and end the game. (For some reason the Wash High guys play each game to three.)

Game 2 separated the teams again. There was another draft and the teams came out with a new quarterback each. Team Red brought out Taz "Two Dimensional" from Washington High while team blue brought out Adam "Seductively Sexy" Linke. The game started quick with Adam hitting Zhi for a 50 yard touchdown pass on their first play. Taz came back and brought his team all the way down to the 5 yard line only to get sacked on 3rd and 4th downs and give up the ball to Blue. Team red showed the wheels by busting Omare out on a 60 yard reverse to score and go up 2-0. After a trademarked Interception from Adam "magic fingers" Linke, Taz brought team red down and took it in himself for to bring the score to 2-1. Blue answered back with a connection from Adam to Paul, the most underrated WR in Hardcore flag football. Paul's 5th receiving touchdown of the season put team Blue on top for good. Taz brought out Red for one last chance but Adam had a big sack on 3rd down and the blue defense dominated the rest of the way as they went on to win, 3-1.

Week 2 brought out Mat "I don't feel like dancing" Falkowski for the first time this season. Joe Dobrowolski was quoted as saying "I am continuing my losing streak... I haven't been on a winning football team since January."

The run for Rookie of the Year honors is already heating up between last week's QB, Dmitri and this week Paul and "Red Shirt" David. Both proved they could run up and down a field and both proved that they have great hands and great field awareness. With the emerging sophomore group led by last year's rookie Ryan "Lambeau Leap" Donk, it looks like Hardcore will have plenty of talent to run up the score on challengers for years to come...


Week 1 - Season Opener
Date Sept 8, 2007
Where Mission High School
Attendance 40
Weather Sunny and warm
Rubin Award New Guy
Rating 9/10

Grey clouds and low fog gave way to brilliant blue skies and sunlight as game time approached. As the crowd started to materialize at the dry ground of Mission High School, teams began to shake themselves out. The first game put a split Hardcore squad on the field against the visiting team from Washington High.

The game started out fast. One of the Washington WRs was able to beat the corner and slide behind the safety to get open. A precise 55 yard pass from the QB netted a touchdown on the visitor's opening drive. Hardcore came out with the plan of ball control. Adam Linke, in his first game of the season at QB, showed a little rust as he delivered a perfect strike to the defense which was intercepted and run back for 6. Hardcore was able to get on the board, but another turnover by the dumptruck put the game away for Washington high.

The second game had the other split squad from Hardcore playing a team made up of mostly newcomers. The teams looked grossly unbalanced as they took the field, but the newcomers, led by spry QB Dmitri and the diminutive RB Paul put on a good show. Braeden Mass and Johnny "Aflac Trivia Question" Parker proved to be too valuable of a connection. After Dmitri led the newcomers to a game tying drive late in the Game, Braeden brought his team right back down and hit Parker on a short pass that he took the rest of the way in; utilizing his trademarked big stiff-arms.

The Rematch between Hardcore and Washington High brought with them a new QB. The Split Squad from game 1 brought in a new QB; Dmitri from game 2 to lead the team to Victory. After a back and forth game, the zone defense of Washington was confusing and befuddling for the new QB. Dmitri led Hardcore down to a touchdown on the opening drive, which Washington matched. Trailing by 1 score in the waining minutes, Dmitri led the team on a final drive and made it to midfield before turning the ball over on downs and ending the game.

The Final match of the day was a combination of all players consolidated along the framework of the two Hardcore split squads. Since both teams had lost some players, the clubs were made even by dividing the remaining personnel and allocating them to each team equally. Team Red had the squad from game 2, with Johnny Parker, Braeden Mass, Scott et al, while team Yellow had mostly the newcomers from Game 2, Adam and a few of the leftover players from Washington High. Team yellow won the toss and got the ball first and began a methodical, 18 play/70 yard drive that ate up 17 minutes of the game clock and ended in a 3 yard touchdown pass from Adam to Bradley. Paul made big gains on the drive out of the backfield and many first downs were saved by "Give me the damn ball", Adam's new possession receiver. Adam showed his wheels and ability to create plays on his own on a 3rd and long play that broke down, causing him to scramble 15 yards for the first down to keep the drive alive.

Team Red got the ball with less than 3 minutes left on the clock and down by one score Braeden Mass led his team down the field slowly, leaving many to wonder about his clock management skills. Only with another short pass to Johnny "Big Red" Parker did we realize that Braeden managed the clock perfectly. Parker stiffarmed his way into the end zone with seconds to spare, leaving team Yellow no time to answer in regulation.

In Overtime, Team red got the ball first and scored on their third play from Scrimmage. Team Yellow came out with a running play on first down, an incomplete on 2nd and then a characteristic interception from Adam on the Third play from scrimmage, ending the game.

With 35+ players showing up and lots of intensity, this looks like a good start to a great season for the boys at Hardcore.