2009-10 Weekly Game Reports




Date Saturday, Feb 13, 2010, 1pm
Where St. Mary's Park

Date Saturday, Feb 6, 2010, 1pm
Where St. Mary's Park

Week 21 - Sometimes in the Fall
Date Saturday, Jan 30, 2010, 1pm
Where St. Mary's Park

Week 20 - Snap the Power
Date Saturday, Jan 23, 2010, 1pm (show up on time, goddammit!)
Where St. Mary's Park

Last week was a pretty good game, even though it was only 4 on 4. We had a couple of new guys show up and they are planning on playing this week. The Washington High crew seems to have taken umbrage with something and may or may not show up anymore. Ant, for one, has expressed his displeasure and will not be showing up anymore. It remains to be seen if Vidi, Dwayne or any of the others will show up.

Week 19 - Stuck on You
Date Saturday, Jan 16, 2010
Where St. Mary's Park
MVP - Adam for keeping the game close
Rubin - Ant for making everyone wait 40 minutes while he did whatever he was doing on the bench
Special Note - The field was especially well setup this week. It seems that after almost 5 months, someone finally figured out how to make a rectangle.

The challenge was delivered to the virtual inboxes of over 100 players on the HCFF email list. One had spoken out asking where the holders of the crown and the deliverers of the torch had been hiding and their motivation for doing so. Who would answer the call?

The first and so far only challenge game of the 09-10 season happened in mid-January of twenty-ten. Vidi challenged the HCFF guys to get out there and put their game where their trash talking was and deliver. Even though the game was supposed to start at 1pm, 1 o'clock came and went. 1:15 came and there were three people at the field. 1:30 brought two more people. 2pm finally brought enough for 6 on 6 and then when Ant arrived at 2:10 we could get started on the "challenge" game. After Ant got off his ass at 2:30, we finally got started. HCFF picked up Taz and Brandon, since the teams were unbalanced and the game was pretty much over then. With Adam, Army Rick, Taz, Brandon, Vu, Harry Potter and Steve against Vidi, James, Jason, Ant, Kel, D-Wayne and Vince, the writing was on the wall.

Team HCFF + WH took the lead on an inside handoff the tight end and never looked back. If not for a couple of spectacular runs by Vince and a couple of ridiculously ill-advised throws by Adam that led to good field position for team WH, the game would have been bad. Vidi and Ant were complaining all day that the teams were unfair, even though they didnt want to change teams and even though they only lost by one score.

HP tied Vince for most scores on the day with three TDs. Taz had a couple of big plays and Vidi had a couple of scores. Brandon and Vu both failed to reach the end zone on an offense that at times looked unstoppable and at others looked downright pathetic.

Not a bad game, but HCFF is going to need a better showing if they are going to be respected in their own league anymore. Ass holes.

Week 18 - Da Funk
Date Saturday, Jan 9, 2010
Where St. Mary's Park

Week 17 - Good Night (BYE WEEK)
Date Saturday, Jan 2, 2010
Since everyone is out of town, this will be a bye week. If anyone shows up at the usual spot at the usual time (St. Marys at 1pm on Saturday), We can't be held responsible.

Week 16 - Silent Night (The X-Mas Bowl)
Date Saturday, Dec 26, 2009
Where St. Mary's Park

Week 15 - Faith
Date Saturday, Dec 19, 2009
Where St. Mary's Park
MVP - Dwayne
Rubin - Random guy at the bar who knocked over the beers

Week 15 was a success, it took some time for peeps to show up but we 19 heads to come out for a game of 8 on 8. Later in the after noon a hand full more came out for 9 on 9.

Myself and Won picked teams his team red, my team blue consisting speed, size, and talent. Moss aka Wash was QB for team Red. After a few plays, Moss managed to hit Derrel deep for the first 7 points. Team blue had Taz at QB, Team blue successfully marched the ball down field by running the ball. Vince was in the backfield. Team blue was unable to score after a few unsuccessful passes and had to turn the ball over. Team Red went backwards and was sacked by Jared in the endzone for two. Team red got the ball and was able to score a td, forgot to who either Steve or Vince.

It was team reds turn to score, they were struggling on offense due to the speed and size on team blues line. Taz had a sack, Vu was able to stop the rb in the back field for loss of yardage. Moss tried again to toss the ball down field and was picked off by Steve. Team blues turn on offense.

Team red got the ball again, Moss tried optioning in the back field and was sacked again for loss of yardage. Now it’s time for the play of the day when Moss tries again to run the ball but Vu was able to strip the ball for a fumble, scooped it up for a 20 yard touch down and 5 air chest bumps. Team blue is now up 16-7.

Steve got another pick, new guy on red scores to make the game 16-14. Jermain aka Jamarcus relieves Taz at QB. New guy on blue and Dre scores to end the game at 30-14 team blue.

For week 16 a bunch of guys want to play this weekend. Dwayne has the gear, I will be out of town.

Hope you have a merry christmas. Adam, we miss you out there man. Talk soon.

Vu Pham, assistant to the assistant in training

Week 14 - November Rain
Date Saturday, Dec 12, 2009
Where St. Mary's Park
MVP - the 6 who showed up
Rubin - all you ladies who went shopping instead of playing mud football

Week 13 - Poker Face
Date Saturday, Dec 5, 2009
Where St. Mary's Park

Week 12 - Turkey Bowl XII
Date Saturday, Nov 28, 2009
Where St. Mary's Park

Week 11 - Nevermind
Date Saturday, Nov 21, 2009
Where St. Mary's Park
MVP - Team Blue defense or Taz, truly a beast on defense tipping two balls that Ant intercepted.
Rubin: Dre (#23) for not catching the only good pass Adam through all day

Choose your own adventure: If you think Scooby and Shaggy are on the trail of the murderer, choose the path of Story A. If you would love to see Barney Fife take the stand and persude the judge who is the real villian and the true hero-Da, choose Story B.

STORY A: Team Blue's defenese was shockingly good. They had a solid push all day on the line, filled the gaps, disrupted the QB with the front three, and pulled every flag in their vicinity, even flags that weren't on the ball carrier. The linebackers made it impossible for the QB to see any open space in the flats or find a gap in the zone. The corners were made of velcro, stuck to the receivers without any penalties... but they did find time to grab a few picks and run them back. So why was this a shockingly good defense? Well check out the players on the roster and you would have taken them for grade school rejects, instead they were all-pros. Everyone needs an all pro day one time in their life. Red beats blue: 7-2

-Bard in Training

STORY B: The judge sits at his judging seat, his head down, exposing a mixture of gray hairs and a baldness brought on by a lifetime of study and jurisprudence. He looks up from his papers, staring at a spot in the middle of the courtroom, as if deep in thought. He snaps himself back and opens his mouth to speak. "Ok, let's move on. Bailiff, please read the next case."
"Uh, HCFF v. haters? Is that right?"
A voice comes out of the audience to confirm "Yes it is your honor." A average looking gentleman in an ill-fitting suit stands up suddenly, knocking over a briefcase and spilling papers as he makes his way to the aisle. "We wanted to bring a case against the people who were coming out and saying that they were bigger than the game and how..." His voice trails off as he stops to pick up some papers that had fallen onto the rubber floor liner protecting the cold granite below, isolating the court from any contact with anything in the real world by it's sterility and direct adhesion. Protecting it, but also shielding everything else from the strength and grace of the granite. It is itself a functional surface, a beautiful tool that clearly creates a foundation for everything that is built on it. The corinthian granite, actually, from Virginia is truly a product of the United States and by being dressed with unnecessary layers, loses much of its regal-ness and obscures its beauty.
"Yes, and who is representing 'the haters' exactly?"
"Well, your honor, we have subpoenaed a number of "haters", but we have only one, Anthony, present with us."
The judge looks down at his desk, the mumbling and shaking of his head, the obvious cues to the audience of his disdain for the case. "Very well, come forward."
"ALL RISE!" Shouts the bailiff as the two parties approach the bench. The representative for HCFF pushes the gate open and takes his seat. Another gentleman with long dreadlocked hair stands up in the back of the courtroom. His hair and face are hidden from view by a gray fedora and the pulled up covers of his charcoal overcoat. Dressed as if trying to avoid all contact with humanity, only the pant legs of his bright red suit are visible from underneath. A click-clack sound is mixed with a shuffling as he makes his way up onto the rubber mat and through the white oak gate. He removes his hat and coat, leaving his bright red suit. He wears red gloves and a red tie. He throws an angry glance across to the plaintiff and stands behind his desk. Neither party thought they would be here today, even though this had been building since their first meeting at Washington high, 4 years prior. The plaintiff looks over at the defendant and mutters to himself "heh, clown..."

"Alright, take your seats." The judge looks at the plaintiff "and Mr..."
"Joe", the plaintiff interrupts.
"Mr. Joe, please explain why you’re wasting tax-payer dollars with this ridiculous case"

Joe opens his briefcase, takes out a pair of glasses and a stack of papers as he speaks.. "Well your honor, we have a rich tradition and a valuable asset to the country that is being desecrated and destroyed by these men, these... these haters." He lets the words hang in the air, hammering home their impact. "What we have built is a community of brotherhood! We have brought goodwill not only to those participating in the games, but to..."
"OBJECTION, your honor!" screams Anthony as he stands up quickly. "What this man is accusing us, me, the so-called haters of is..."
The judge interrupts the unsolicited retort "Mr. Anthony, this isn’t a movie, this is small claims court. Please do not interrupt. Please proceed, Mr. Joe"

The hearing went on for hours, with Joe delivering the case that HCFF has brought nothing but good to the community while a new breed of players, focused only on self glory has brought hatred, pain and selfishness to the organization. Anthony fired back that the game and organization was destined to reach a level of selfish play and competitiveness, due to the nature of the game. The judge sat patiently, penning notes in his book until both sides had spoken each of their sides of the case.
"Gentlemen. This has been a truly fascinating debate. I have never sat idly through an argument that at times was as heated as I have ever seen, that I had absolutely no interest in. I recommend you both seek professional help. Bailiff, please give them both the number to the state appointed mental health professionals.

-Da Bard

Week 10 - Rockin in America
Date Saturday, Nov 14, 2009
Where St. Mary's Park
MVP - Harry Potter
Rubin - Bill Belichick

The game ended in a 5-5 tie after a dramatic comeback from 3 touchdowns down, late in the 3rd quarter. Harry Potter scooped up a fumble and returned it to the 1 yard line. Then Adam faked the drive and threw an amazing fade to the receiver. Then the opposing team fumbled, setting up another amazing drive that went the length of the field, eating up game clock and daylight. Adam settled for a sprint-right, fake sweep, dive, quick out pass to the tight end to get them within one score. Finally, Adam broke threw a triple team block to strip the QB and recover the fumble only to pitch it back to a leaping Steve who hurdled the entire pile while making a spectacular one hand grab. Steve landed in a summersault, springing back into the air as he dove at the pylon for the tying score. After the kick-off, the opposing team's drive died after 6 really boring, lackluster plays. On the ensuing punt Adam lead his team down the field once again, this time only 15 yards as time expired. Too bad it was not caught on field.

-Holden Caufield

Week 9 - Back in Black
Date Saturday, Nov 7, 2009
Where St. Mary's Park
MVP - Brady (passing and playcalling)
Rubin - Curtis for getting mad and quitting

It didnt take long to get back into the swing of things. Showers all week in San Francisco broke and gave way to sun and warm weather. The HCFF guys took full advantage and brought out 30+ for another afternoon of red versus blue.

Teams were picked and the scoring started fast with both teams getting on the board early. Team Blue went through several quarterbacks on their run up to a 21-7 lead. The new guy in tight pants, nicknamed "tour de France" connected with Vince for a score and Taz went for one on a tipped ball. Red would not be stopped, though. After picking up perennial all-pro lineman Adam late in the game, Brady went on a methodical deconstruction of Blue's man defense. Key downfield blocks on a couple of runs including a 60 yard reverse by Steve setup the tying score. Brady's masterful play calling continued on a "hook and ladder" play that capped the comeback and put the red team up 28-21.

Blue came right back and marched down field only to be stopped by an errant pass that was intercepted by James. James proved he is all red from his mad skillz to his completely red outfit and he had key passes deflected late in the game. Paired with Kel on D-Line who was shutting down the running game and Red's defense was enough to shutout blue for the second half.

But the offense for red was having it's own issues against Blue's stingy D. Taz and Rick G provided a powerful rush that kept Brady and the running game on their heels. Red moved the ball down field a few times but ended up stalling on HUGE plays by Brandon and Vince in the blue secondary.

This was one of the best games of the season so far and will go down as one of the toughest and hardest fought matches in league history. Lets just hope the intensity keeps up for at least a few more weeks.

-The Bard

Week 8 - Grillz
Date Saturday, October 31, 2009 - Super Scary Halloween Special
Where St. Mary's Park

Nothing really to say about this week except for the best wishes and condolences we all feel for Kevin and Jon. Feel better guys.

MVP - Jon for being dominant and taking one in the chops
Honorable Mention: Kevin for being hardcore
Honorable Mention: Ant for leading team red to victory
Lucky Pierre: Vidi for talking shit after that pick that was handed to him.

Week 7 - Day at the Beach
Date Saturday, October 24, 2009
Where St. Mary's Park

Supposedly a great game, but no one is talking due to the media blackout that was imposed after a foreign reporter threw a shoe at the coaches after the game.

Week 6 - BYE WEEK
Date Saturday, October 17, 2009
Where St. Mary's Park

Week 5 - I wanna be an airforce pilot
Date Saturday, October 8, 2009
Where St. Mary's Park
Attendance 19
Weather Windy, Breezy, and Gusty
Rating 7.9/10
MVP 9-way tie
Lucky Pierre Harry Potter

In honor of the folks in the armed forces, specifically the Blue Angels of Fleet week, HCFF put on it's on arial display. The difference, our show was not cut short due to weather conditions. In one of the toughest battles of the year, Red was able to able to fly over Blue, as they flew up and down the field to victory.

Week 5 only comes around once a season, and we made it a good one. We are starting to settle in and shake things down. Lets keep the party bus moving and the good things happening.

-Ghost Writer #3

Week 4 - I've Got a Feeling
Date Saturday, October 1, 2009
Where St. Mary's Park
Attendance 25
WeatherWarm and breezy
Rating 8.367/10
MVP New Guy Kenny
Rubin Award Taz for telling me not to put something on the website... or to put something on the website. I dont remember
Lucky Pierre Rick T for fumbling the onside kick away

My how the wind has changed. After a tumultuous '08/'09 campaign, the current season of HCFF brings with it stability and a crap ton of perseverance. "God bless us".

The first two weeks were played at the temporary artificial field at Crocker/Amazon but now we are settling in to our new home at St. Mary's. Natural grass brings with it a slower game, especially when half the field is covered in mud; the location at the top of a hill in Bernal Heights makes the conditions windy as well. Its not without issues, but its home for now.

Team red started the day undersized but led by Braedon Mass, the prodigal hero returning to retake what is rightfully his. Team blue drafted large but were led by a rookie QB. B.Mass started quick and hooked up with James to get on the scoreboard. The aging All-Pro QB looked to put red up by two when Circus Steve came on the field, but a perfectly thrown ball was dropped on the 2 yard line by Steve. After intercepting perrenial understudy Adam, Team Blue charged into the endzone to tie the game at 1. The next 40 minutes were highlighted by incredible defense by Jarrod the Jewler, new guy Kenny and Rick T from Red, and Duane Vince and Taz on Blue. Both defensive fronts showed relentless pressure and pursuit by racking up sack after sack on their opposing QBs.

Taking over for B.Mass, Adam led team red to three more TDs, putting them one score away from icing the game. Team Blue wouldnt quit, though, and Duane led the crew down for another score. After their onside kick attempt was fumbled by Rick T, Blue recovered and marched down again to score. Team Red went back to their stars by having B.Mass hit James for the finishing score.

An excellent day on a narrow field. Look for the league officials to expand the field and enhance the experience next week.

-The Bard

Week 3 - Round and Round
Date Saturday, Sept 26, 2009
Where St. Mary's Park
Attendance 25
Weather Sunny, hot, and did I mention hot?
Rating 8/10
MVP Vu Pham
Rubin Award Harry Potter
Lucky Pierre Harry Potter

Hey what’s up Adam, we missed you out there today.

Week three was a success because I was out there! Along with John and Kirk who helped set up the field - they are only okay at field setup, but at least I had some help. We had good numbers, I think it at least 24 showed up with some new faces, bringing new skills. There wasn’t really a consistent QB for the day, which is no surprise since Adam wasn't there. The ball did move down the field though, mostly due to my insane skills on the line, running back, receiver, and in the return game. I think Steve had 2 TD's and Kirk had at least 1 TD. Some of the other guys were okay too. Solid turn out but no one really shined.

Anywho, Vidi knew the guy that works at the rec (use to be his old coach), we were able to lock down this field from now on. We got dibs, even the guy that works there offered to ref our games (tell Joe to email him the 2009-10 rule book and send him a laminated rule sheet).

I still have the gear and will be out there bright and early. Have a good week man, and too all a good night.

-Vu Pham

Week 2 - Nightshift
Date Saturday, Sept 19, 2009
Attendance 20
Weather sun
Rating 9.1/10
MVP Showtime
Rubin Award Park and Rec
Lucky Pierre Harry Potter

Great showing from the rookies and a lights out performance from the verteran all-star hcff team, kicking it in gear for a 6-1 victory. This week, we would like to take some time to answer some letters that come through to the editors:

From: Terrance
To: the SF hardcore team
Dear HCFF,
Can I play, what are the rules, how do I sign up, do you guys do allow stiff arms, is there blocking, how many people on each team?

Dear Terrance:
Thank you for your inquiry. Please move your cursor slowly to the top of the page and click on the word "Rules". When the new page appears, please read me and then reply if you have more questions. Thank you.

From: Diane
Dear HCFF,
Recently, my boyfriend has been irritable and standoff-ish. Even when I wear my crotchless underroos, he acts like he doesnt want to touch me. What can I do?

Dear Diane:
This is not a dating website... underroos? really?

From: Armondo

Yo. I chkd out the vidz on ur site n u gyz su

Dear Armondo:
No we dont, you suck.

From: Terrance
To: the SF hardcore team
Dear HCFF,
Hey man, I haven't heard back. But I also want to know I can bring along Diz and Earl? Diz is good, I should bring him out, he will fly past everyone, except me of course. Ok, so let me know.

Dear Terrance:
Thank you for your inquiry. Yes. Have a nice day.

From Dave:
To: Website editors

Have you guys thought about doing a more interactive site? Perhaps a blog with comments?

Dear Dave
You want to do this? We dont get paid for this shit, you know. Get off your ass and help instead of pontificating from your ivory tower...

From: Ralph
To: Tryouts

Hey. How do I get on the list for tryouts for the team. I can find ways to contribute on and off the field. Once you see me out there I think you will want to give me a shot. I read the whole site, but did not see when are tryouts?

Dear Ralph:
Congrats! You sound like a Lucky Pierre Award candidate already! Tryouts are listed here: SF Shockwaves.

We would like to thank everyone for writing in and just say, keep those letters coming.

-The staff at HCFF

Week 1 - Season Opener - Lets get this party started
Date Saturday, Sept 12, 2009
Where St. Mary's Park
Attendance 28
Weather Thunder and Lightning - no f'ing kidding
Rating 8.2/10
MVP Taz, the rookie from Down Under... 3 TDs, first game ever
Rubin Award Taz, the big american
Lucky Pierre Harry Potter

Well guess what. No really, guess.

Lightning and Thunder the morning of the kickoff proved to be a harbinger for the 09/10 season of HCFF. Even a last second change in field couldnt deter the players from searching out their afternoon delight. Vidi 'n crew found out that St. Mary's field was closed, and they also found the replacement field, the artificial soccer pitch at Crocker/Amazon. The main characters were updated and everyone kind of rolled in between 1 and 2pm. The massive turnout meant 3 teams and mini-challenge games. Adam drafted an international team with representatives from Honduras, India, Australia, France and the USA while Anthony picked SF natives and the first game was under way. After 40 minutes of playing the teams changed and they changed twice more. In honor of the AFL anniversary, we will do our game wrap ups like they did in the '60s, before ESPN and internet.

Game 1: Red 2 - Blue 1
Game 2: Red 1 - Blue 1
Game 3: Red 3 - Blue 1
Game 4: Red 3 - Blue 3

[Editorial notes]
Anthony really had the best day at QB, delivering strikes to his receivers, who then dropped everything; Kel and Taz (Aussie) connected a few times for HUGE touchdowns to lift team red in the first and last game; Adam continued his consecutive interception streak by having another day with at least 3 INTs; Flav, Heber and Juan Carlos joined Taz (Aussie) as a talented group of first-gamers; Taz (American) got hit in the nose and complained about it loudly and often; Jon "Team Red" Parker enjoyed the women's soccer matches.

[begin editorial]
American football, once the game of politicians and magistrates has fallen from the graces of the elite and taken company in the gutter. Alongside such disasters as "The great train robbery", "Jaws II" and that time Bruce Willis died trying to blow up an asteroid, Football (as it is called in the US) has devalued itself so much that even the "weekend warriors", proud purveyors of what is true, spit in the face of nuance and subtlety with the flash and glam of this generation. Incredible teamwork is required in every aspect that it often makes the unprepared look foolish. What, though, when everyone is unprepared? Then we, the fans look foolish.

Case in point: Saturday afternoon saw a couple of upsets in the football world. The NCAA had Houston upset OK State and Michigan beat the perenially overrated Notre Dame. Likewise, the Red Wave from HCFF beat the Blue Balls in the third game of kickoff weekend for HCFF. In the NCAA and HCFF games, the issue was that "athletes" came out unprepared for their game. Steve, Vidi, Sante and Vince all dropped balls that should have been caught. Adam and Rog could barely make it back from center without falling down and when you add in the minor wrinkle of having to complete a pass to their own team, well, that proved to be too much for them.

Fortunately, for those who appreciate the beauty of the game, we had a couple of exemplory examples of professionalism and teamwork: JC, in his first game, played line just about all day and really sparkled as a crown jewel. Also shining were Taz, a native of Tasmania playing for this first time. If it werent for these two, I would pronounce football dead. Lets hope everyone else involved with amatuer football can learn how to put the team first, then maybe we can return to the days of jousting, slaying invisible windmills and drinking heavily, you know, the golden age of men.

-The Bard