spacer9 on 9 Flag Football

  1. 60-80 yard field, 40 yards wide, 10 yard end zones.
  2. 4 downs to gain 10 yards (just like the pros).
  3. 3 ineligible linemen.
  4. Full contact blocking.
  5. 5 guys eligible. (receiver, tight-end, running back, etc.)
  6. Center snap* required.
  7. Center can line up 1 yard back.
  8. Immediate rush (no count).
  9. The QB can run on any down.
  10. Running plays on any down.
  11. Defense can use any defensive scheme.
  12. Fumbles are live.
  13. Kick-offs are live.

*see below


spacer3-Team Challenges

Too many players for just two teams?.... then split up into 3 teams:

  1. Three teams of 7 or more players.
  2. Each game is 20 minutes.
  3. Winner plays, losers sits.
  4. After two wins in a row, your team sits.
  5. Coin toss for EACH and EVERY new match up.
  6. During the last minute the clock stops for an incompletion or if a player goes out of bounds.
  7. Each team gets one time-out per game.
  8. 30 second huddles. 2 yard penalty for the first delay of game, 3 more yards for each successive delay of game on the same play.
  9. Tie breaker: Each team gets 4 plays to move the ball down the field from the first cone. Who ever gets the furthest wins. If it's the first game and still a tie, then a coin toss.

spacer8 on 8 Flag Football

  1. Same as 8 on 8, except.....
  2. 4 guys eligible. (receiver, tight-end, running back, etc.)

spacer7 on 7 Flag Football

  1. Same as 8 on 8, except.....
  2. 3 guys eligible. (receiver, tight-end, running back, etc.)




  1. Two feet in bounds, pro-style
  2. Wear cleats.
  3. Wear a mouthpiece.
  4. Be cool, sub out without being forced off the field.
  5. If you want to trash talk, back it up.
  6. Trash talking is not the same as complaining.
  7. Don't fight, play hard, hit hard and legally.

spacer6 on 6 Flag Football

  1. Same as 7 on 7 except.....
  2. 2 ineligible down linemen.
  3. No center snap required.
  4. Immediate rush.
  5. Defense can only rush two, unless they call "blitz".
  6. The QB can only run on a blitz.
  7. Running plays on any down.

spacerNotes for Rookies

  1. Don't complain - it's your first week.
  2. Rookies do NOT make/change the rules.
  3. If you don't know the rules, ask someone on your team.
  4. Everyone plays offensive line during the day.
  5. Bradshaw is always right.

spacer5 on 5 Flag Football

  1. Same as 6 on 6 except.....
  2. 1 ineligible down lineman
  3. Defense can only rush one, unless they call "blitz".
  4. The QB can only run on a blitz.
  5. For punts, it's where the ball stops, i.e. no runbacks.
  6. No kickoff, start at the 2nd cone.

spacerNotes - Fighting

  1. No fighting.
  2. If you fight, you will be banned from our game.
  3. if you are pissed at someone, use your brain and either take it off the field or go home and beat your meat.
  4. Take your fight to Gym445 and get in the ring

spacerRules of Engagement - Contact

  1. No chop blocks, cut blocks, or anything below the waist.
  2. It's flag football, there are no full tackles.
  3. Dumbass, dangerous tackles and hits result in a loss of down and a 10 yard penalty.
  4. It's full contact, but keep it reasonable.
  5. Yes, that stiff arm Jon gave you is legal.
  6. Stiff arm to the body, not the face/neck.
  7. Don't lower your shoulder to make a tackle, it can be dangerous for everyone.
  8. If you have the ball near the sidelines, expect the defense to try to knock you out of bounds (flag, what flag?)

spacerRules of Engagement - New Rules

  1. No head hunting.
  2. Pick on people your own fucking size.
  3. If anyone tries to head hunt a player, that player can side-stepthe idiot, call play over, and the ball is down at that spot. With loss of down if you want to call that also. No, you are not a pussy for calling this penalty - it's being smart and safe, and it's a legal call.
  4. No running directly over people. Offensive player needs to make a move to get around the non-moving defensive player in the middle of the field. Left or right, your choice.

spacerRules of Engagement - Penalties

  1. Call your own penalties.
  2. Be reasonable about calling penalties.
  3. Be fair and consider the overall flow of the game.
  4. Player must make an immediate, loud, and clear call. No late calls.
  5. Replay the down on penalties.
  6. 45 second huddles. 2 yard penalty for the first delay of game, 3 more yards for each successive delay of game on the same play.
  7. If there is a questionable call on a really great play, you have to give it to the awesome play.
  8. Non-intentional pass interference results in replaying the down.
  9. Intentional and obvious defensive pass interference is down over, plus 5 yards.
  10. Intentional and obvious offensive pass interference will result in a loss of down.
  11. Intentional mid-field tackles - penalized 15 yards, plus an automatic first down. The player will also be fined one pitcher of beer to be paid off at the bar after the game.

spacerRules of Engagement - Flags

  1. No flag guarding, if you flag guard you are down at the point of the flag guard.
  2. Defender must make an immediate, loud, clear call on a flag guard. No late calls, sorry.
  3. If your shirt is covering your flag (before the play starts), down when touched.
  4. If your flag just falls off, down when touched
  5. Flags must be on opposite sides of your body , at your side, (before the play starts) or you are down when touched.

spacerRules of Engagement - Center Snap

  1. Center snap is designed to avoid a QB standing 15 yards in the backfield with the ball in hand,
  2. QB can hold the ball and touch the center with the ball.
  3. Center snap is not designed to give the center a disadvantage.
  4. The center can line up 2-3 yard behind the line of scrimmage.
  5. Center can long snap between his legs or from the side of his body.
  6. The ball must be touching the ground before the ball is snapped. A snap while the center holds in his hand beside his body is a dead play.

spacerRules of Engagement - Kicking Game

  1. No throwing the ball on kickoffs or punts.
  2. Kickoffs from a tee.
  3. Kickoffs from the 1st cone on a 60 yard field.
  4. Kickoff between 1st and 2nd cone on a 70 yard field.
  5. Kickoffs from the 2nd cone on an 80+ yard field.
  6. If the first kickoff goes out of bounds, it must be re-kicked.
  7. Re-kicks are moved back 5 yards.
  8. Touchbacks taken at the 15 yard line.
  9. Full contact blocking on the return.
  10. Kick-offs are live.
  11. Onside kicks are legal if: (a) the kick passes two cones, aka 20 yards, (b) the kicking team is not offsides.
  12. Onside kicks: if kicking team recovers within 2 cones, they don't get to kick again. Receiving team takes it where it was touched.
  13. No fake punts - if you say "we are punting", then you are punting.
  14. Quick kicks are legal on any down.

spacerRules of Engagement - Bumping Receiver

  1. You can engage and bump once within 5 yards of the line of scrimmage.
  2. The receiver or DB cannot hold regardless of where you are on the field.
  3. No, the DB cannot do whatever they want within 5 yards.
  4. Yes, the DB can engage and bump once within 5 yards.
  5. A receiver cannot be bumped by two different players, even within 5 yards (unless they both bump at the line, at the same time).
  6. To be fair and legal, initiate a quick bump, then release into coverage - don't lay on the receiver for the entire route.
  7. Learn it and stop complaining.