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About SKI Publishing

SKI Publishing is the saga of three friends who had a brilliant idea: to teach, to tell, to help. All of this in a cookbook? To good to be true? Well, two of the three friends were pulled away by the grueling demands of schoolwork. As a recent graduate of UC Davis, I was on my own to bring this project to fruition. Unfortunately my plea to DARPA for a research grant did not come through and I ended up looking for a job in the real world.

I became a moonlighting, self-publisher. I spent countless hours, days, and nights writing and publishing on a Mac Portable, then on a Mac Classic. On these Macs I produced the first few drafts of The College Handbook of Cheap and Easy Cooking, which would later become Cheap and Easy Cooking: The Survival Guide for College Students. My real world job paid off, literally, I was finally able to afford a good color Mac. In no time, I completed the most recent version of the cookbook, the creatively titled "revised edition".

SKI Publishing recently finished a new book called Those Aching Feet - The Revised Edition. Check it out at

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Joe.....The guy who put this company together....Before, during, and after.