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A weekly pick-up game of football in San Francisco. 20010-11 will be our 17th season. We're a bunch of guys who love to play football. Our game includes up to nine on a side, down linemen, live fumbles, passing and running plays, center snaps, punts, down-field blocking, and stiff-arms. The full-contact blocking and the fact that you can knock a guy out of bounds at the sidelines sets our game apart from most flag football games. This isn't tackle, but it's definitely a hardcore game of flag football (just ask the these guys). If you are interested and would like to get on the email list, use the form to contact Adam, The New Organizer.

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Wanna Fight? If you fight, you will be banned from Hardcore Football. We pride ourselves on the fact that we play a very physical, rough, contact game of flag football without people resorting to fist fights. If you want to fight, visit our friends at Gym445. If you want to play football, then bring some pain in the form of a legal football hit or block.

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The Brady-Mat, Br-at Award. Those who go out for post game drinks decide who deserves this weekly MVP award.

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Given to the player who most exemplifies rubinistic qualities on and off the field each week. If you screwed up during the game, you might win this award.

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If you get this award, check out the SF Shockwaves flag football game.

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SF Hardcore Flag Football (HCFF)

Challenge Game Record
18 - 4 - 1


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Sat, Jan 15th, 2011
Week 19
St. Mary's Rec Center Playground
Warm and Sunnyish

So the format for HCFF will be changing... slightly.

We will continue to have the weekly game. The teams will be chosen weekly. It will be red versus blue. The changes will be that there is a $20 annual fee for registration and supplies. This cost will cover the field rental every week as well as replacing flags and the new playoff format. This will start next year and will allow me (and HCFF) to be more organized on sending out the emails and keeping everyone involved. This is exciting stuff that should make the games more competitive. I am excited in rolling some of these changes out and I have taken the past couple of weeks to organize a couple of these things for the rest of the season. Get out there this weekend and see what the changes are all about.

One of the changes that will be implemented starting this week is that we will also be noting the players on each team each week and keep records based on the core players on the team. At the end of the year, we will break them up into playoffs. Everyone will play, but it depends on how well your team plays together.

For example:
Team Red in Week 17 has a core configuration of Adam, Jon, Steve and Mat. Team Blue in Week 17 has a core configuration of Kel, Anthony, Vidi and Taz. The rest of the players in attendance are broken up into those two teams. Since Im on team Red, lets assume they win. They are given 1 point for every touchdown that they scored more than their opponent. The players are noted on each team and the score is logged. If the score is 6-2, Team Red gets four points for the week and team Blue gets 0. The following week, Lets assume Team Red has a core configuration of Anthony, Adam, Greg and Rick T. Team Blue would have a core configuration of Brady, Mat, Vidi and Vince. Once again, the remaining players in attendance would fill out the teams and they would play. If Team Red Wins 3-2 Team Red (week 18) will earn one point.

The teams will remain in a core configuration and those would result in four configurations (Red A, Red B, Blue A, Blue B). These configuraitons will rotate every four weeks and that would be the schedule for 16 weeks. The players that are assigned to the teams each week would would try to be assigned to to the same configuration the next time. If a core team is missing a core player, they get first pick of the remaining players.

There are some rules that I need to see in practic. I want to use the rest of this season to get these details ironed out for a H-U-G-E comeback of HCFF in September of 2011. Let me know if this sounds cool or not. I pitched the idea around and everyone seemed keen on it, so I am trying to put it into practice. I value input so if anyone has ideas that they would like to be seen in 2010/2011 or 2011/2012, let me know...

Thanks again and as always, god bless.


Weekly Game Reports
More Game Reports

Week 19
Date: Saturday, Jan 15, 2011 - 1:30pm
Where at: St. Mary's Park
Rubin Award:
Special Note:

Week 18 - Back Again
Date: Saturday, Jan 8, 2011 - 1:30pm
Where at: St. Mary's Park

Week 17 - New Year's Day
Date: Saturday, Jan 1, 2011

Week 16 - Christmas Day
Date: Saturday, Dec 25, 2010

Week 15 - rain out
Date: Saturday, Dec 18, 2010

Week 14 - For reals this time
Date: Saturday, Dec 11, 2010

Week 13 - I want it that way! - no shows, no game, what's up?
Date: Saturday, Dec 4, 2010
Where at: St. Mary's Park
MVP: Vu for showing up at both fields
Rubin Award:
Special Note: No one replied to the email and no one showed up... Then everyone said, "Why didn't we play, what's going on???"

Week 12 - Turkey Bowl XVII Cancelled
Date: Saturday, Nov 27, 2010
Special Note: Most people responsed that they were out of town

Week 11 - Young Folks
Date: Saturday, Nov 20, 2010 - 2pm
Where at: St. Mary's Park
MVP: Circus Steve - solid game, then crucial big plays to follow the big comments
Rubin Award: dropped passes - yeah, you know who you are
Special Note:

Week 10 - Lets Get It Started
Date: Saturday, Nov 13, 2010 - 2pm
Where at: St. Mary's Park
MVP: The entire Blue team - solid team work all day long. Massive drives, big plays, consistency at every position. Although the score was 5-3, Blue had pure dominance all day.
Special Note: Ant setup the field for the first time. He is now a pro and will be in charge of field setup. Let's all give our new field organizer a big welcome!

Week 9 - Rainy Days and Mondays
Date: Saturday, Nov 6, 2010 - 1:30pm
Where at: St. Mary's Park
Rubin Award:
Special Note: Team blue was dominant. The level of talent we have out there is really quite impressive. If we get this challenge game going, some of you need to show up once in awhile to refresh your skills otherwise youre going to be sitting on the bench. Matt, Joe and others should be back this week. Lets welcome them back! PLEASE NOTE THE EARLIER START TIME. We are moving it back 30 minutes.

Week 8 - Cancelled due to weather and the World Champion SF Giants
Date: Saturday, Oct 30, 2010
Special Note: Big storm, Giants game at 1pm and no permit... sorry.

Week 7 - Cancelled due to weather and the World Champion SF Giants
Date: Saturday, Oct 23, 2010
Special Note: Big storm, Giants game at 1pm and no permit... sorry.

Week 6 - Always
Date: Saturday, Oct 16, 2010 - 1:30pm
Where at: St. Mary's Park
Rubin Award:
Special Note:

Week 5 - Countdown
Date: Saturday, Oct 9, 2010 - 1:30pm
Where at: St. Mary's Park
Rubin Award:
Special Note:

Week 4 - Unbreak My Heart
Date: Saturday, Oct 2, 2010, 1:30pm
Where at: St. Mary's Park
MVP: Everyone for showing up basically on time
Rubin Award: Adam for a truly Rubinesque performance at QB
Special Note: Thanks for showing up on time

Unbelievable! When asked if I thought that the change in start time would make a difference, I said emphatically, "No. These guys are so used to show up late, nothing is going to change their attitude and mindset." Well, as usual, I was wrong. We had 15 or so show up by 1:35 and we got started before 2pm. We even had 20 by the time the game really got under way. Sure, some people were a few minutes late, but all in all, it was better than having people sit around for an hour until most people start to show up.

Not only was the attendance spectacular, the game was quite good as well! Team red had dominant defense all day as well as a quarterback who seemed to spend the last two weeks developing an affinity for providing a free clinic on How To Catch Interceptions to the other team. That isnt to say that team blue was left with nothing, they had Michael "Harry Potter" Brown as well as Dreadlock'd Dre and that guy who played for the now-defunct Demons. The evenly matched teams battled for hours eventually coming down to the last play. Team Red pulled ahead on two touchdown passes from Adam but four interceptions brought back team blue. Blue finally settled down behind Kel at QB enough to make a game of it. Kel used his feet to setup the first score of the day for Blue and HP punched the ball in from 2 yards out to halve the deficit. A 4th and long interception setup Kel and crew for one last chance to even the score but an incredible defensive play from Al in the end zone kept Red on top.

Top honors on the day go to everyone except Joe, Joey and Kel for showing up on time and getting in a good game. James #5 was a solid performer, bailing out Red QB Adam "Cutler" Linke and setting up the two scores that Cas put on the board for team red. New-Guy-Greg was solid out of the backfield and Kel provided the ground game for team blue. HP had a pair of interceptions and Al was tough on defense all day.

We actually have video footage from this past week, so check the links below and show up on the 8th.

Score: Red 2 Blue 1

Week 3 - Open Arms
Date: Saturday, Sep 25, 2010
Where at: St. Mary's Park
Rubin Award:
Special Note:

Week 2 - hey, it's week 2 kids
Date: Saturday, Sep 18, 2010
Where at: St. Mary's Park
MVP: Rick G and Mat
Rubin Award:
Special Note:

Week 1 - Season Opener
Date: Saturday, Sep 11, 2010
Where at: St. Mary's Park
MVP: Joey and Brady
Rubin Award: Ant
Special Note: Rich Ryan caused and recoved a fumble, Ant sat on his shoulder and separated it; 3rd degree... Rich had no bad words to say, just wants to get back on the field. Ant said, "at least no one got hurt today."

Fun battle on opening day. As usual captains chose uneven teams, that changed all day long as player arrived and left. Vu drove up on his motobicycle. Adam arrived late. Jon Parker has no front teeth. Mat showed off a mohawk, which shocked no one. New guy was ontime. Rich Ryan brought a girl and beer.

Of note, they are charging a fee for the field... yep a fee, hence money, hence cash. If we want to play at that field we need to throw down about $40. Think about it, 20 guys, $40, That's like $2.25 each, or something. So it's gonna be a pay to play system again... and who doesn't have $2 for 4 hours of fun... that's like having your left leg watch Avatar at Imax... just your left leg, no head, no torso, and definitely no popcorn.

Blue, led by Brady was solid and consistent all day. Brady masterminded an offense that score 5 TDs and pushed the ball up and down the field with a mix of run and pass plays. Early in the day Joey hit the hole for a 55 yard TD run that surprised everyone including the very hungover Joey... after the play, he remarked, " wahoo, uhg, i feel like %$#, damn I'm out of shape!" Joey ended the day with 101 total hard earned yards. After the game, teammate and previous all-hcff player, circus steve remarked, "pshh, whatever", much to Joey's pleasure.

Ant was the red team captain. He not only managed to annoy everyone on his team.. except his cousin who got the ball every other play, but he fumbled and in frustration sat on the opposing player resulting in a serious injury. It's one thing to have a bad day, it's another to yell at your own team and walk off the field in a 3rd grade huff. Although Ant put together two scoring drives on the day, leadership and motivation were not part of the huddle; had they been, was the collection of talent around Ant enough to score 5, 6, maybe 7 TDs that day. As it were, a lot of individual effort and skill lead to Red's offensive plays that at least gave them two scores.

On defense, the D-line for Red was in it's own world creating havock for Brady and team blue all day. Individual efforts on the islands and at linebacker also kept the score close most of the day.

It was 2-0 early, the red crept back to 2-2, before blue, behind the Bellichek like offensive mind of Brady, pulled away with schemes that only a film-guru could defend.


Blue - 5
Red - 2

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2009-10 Weekly Game Reports



JD survives 2nd collarbone surgery with the help of turkey and codeine. Photos coming soon.


WEAR A MOUTH GUARD: It's not going to affect your game negatively, but it will save your teeth.

FIELD UPDATE: St. Mary's Rec Center Playground is the home of HCFF during the good weather.

WHEN IT RAINS: Bad weather field is Crocker Amazon.

2009-09 VIDEO: The 2008-09 football season was brilliantly capture on High Def film for all posterity, then posted on YouTube for the world to view. Watch the Movie Now - DO IT NOW!.

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