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Those Aching Feet - Revised Edition: Your Guide to Diagnosis and Treatment of Common Foot Problems

by Christine Dobrowolski
ISBN: 096546122X

Those Aching Feet will help you understand the basic mechanics of the foot, introduce you to general foot problems and give you a step-by-step guide on how to initiate treatment of those problems. This book covers a wide range of foot conditions including heel pain, bunions, hammertoes, ingrown nails, callouses, corns, warts and diabetic foot problems.

A separate chapter for athletes outlines a variety of sports injuries specific to the foot and ankle. This book has multiple illustrations along with clear explanations to help you understand your foot condition and guide you to relieve Those Aching Feet.

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Cheap and Easy Cooking: The Survival Guide for College Students

by Joe Dobrowolski
ISBN: 0965461203

Our first publication is a down-to-earth cookbook called Cheap and Easy Cooking.

This cookbook is the best way to get started in the kitchen. It's been created specifically for college students, and it's great for anyone who is just getting into the groove of making his or her own meals. With over 70 Cheap and Easy recipes written in an easy-to-follow, intutive style, you will be able to satisfy your appetite for a long time, without taking up too much of your own valuable time.

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