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Review by Kate St. Amour of

Are you tired at the end of your day? Do you have to cram your feet in to “fashionable” shoes for work? Do you have to stand for long hours, or chase your child all day? According to Christine Dobrowolski, DPM, “If you can keep your feet from hurting, you'll find that you have more energy and possibly less knee and back pain. How the foot hits the ground affects the ankles, knees, hips and back.” (page 126 Those Aching Feet) I know that I could certainly use more energy and less pain, how about you?

Those Aching Feet, is a frank, easy to read look at common foot problems; their diagnosis, and treatment. Most of the chapters are aimed at: the average person, the elderly, and diabetics; however, Dobrowolski has also included a special section just for athletes of all types - even weekend warriors. The writing is clear and concise; complete with no non-sense language instead of packed with medical terms that most people can't pronounce. Diagrams with large writing are included to illustrate more clearly what ailments look like, which will aid in the process of self-diagnosis in many cases. Dobrowolski also outlines situations that will require you to go directly to your doctor, and she offers readers questions to ask so that once you arrive at your physician's office, you will be able to act as an informed patient.

Like most people, feet are not something I want to think about for extended periods of time. In spite of my prejudices, I found Those Aching Feet to be a particularly engaging and pertinent read. I strongly recommend Those Aching Feet, to the audience at large, even if you only keep it as a reference book. Eventually, the information contained within this book's pages will come in handy!

-Kate, October 1, 2004

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