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What people are saying about Those Aching Feet...

"I found Those Aching Feet to be a particularly engaging and pertinent read. I strongly recommend Those Aching Feet, to the audience at large, even if you only keep it as a reference book." (read the full review)

-Kate St. Armour, Book Reviewer,

Lisa at Book Review Cafe gives Those Aching Feet 5 out of 5 and posted her review on the site's home page....."Just the title makes you think of soaking your feet in some hot water! Christine Dobrowolski, DPM has created an exceptionally good book. Those Aching Feet is a guide to foot problems, what the problem is exactly, and treatment options you can get. With everything written in clear, concise terms, you could clear up your foot problems with this helpful book!"


"'s simply a no-nonsense guideline to the basic facts any active person needs to know, and a superb primer to brush up on good podiatric habits before visiting a health care professional. Especially recommended for athletes and those who spend most of their day on their feet."

"This book is full of valuable information. I would recommend it not only to the person with foot pain, but to anyone wanting to take a proactive role in the health care of their feet."
-Kristian Hill, M.S.P.T. (Physical Therapist)

"Dobrowolski is into sports; she bikes, runs, skis, and surfs. She addresses the foot problems of athletes, in particular, in her book, and she also gives plenty of advice on how to choose shoes that won't make foot problems worse. She also covers ciruculation and nerve problems in the feet due to diabetes."

-North Coast Journal, April 8, 2004

"Foot pain is an extraordinarily common complaint in primary care medicine. This practical book provides patients with a blueprint for finding solutions to common foot problems."
-Beth Abels, MD

"Those Aching Feet is a must-have book for anyone with foot problems and a great reference for both the layperson and the general practitioner."
-Lawrence Ford, DPM

"…covers a wide range of topics, from diabetes foot problems and sports-related foot injuries to general foot and ankle conditions. The book offers a "how-to" guide to prevent and treat common foot problems for people of all ages.."
-Times-Standard, May 13, 2004

A. Carol Ebel gives it 5 out of 5 stars in a Barnes and Noble review: "Foot Relief at Last! This is an excellent book that is both comprehensive yet user friendly. It covers an entire range of topics concerning the feet. The author is extremely knowledgeable and communicates the information in a straight forward and easy manner. It was useful for me and also my boyfriend who is a diabetic. Highly recommended!"
-A Carol Ebel, a registered nurse from New York, Sep 2004

GW "Greg" gives it 5 out of 5 stars in an review: "I am fairly athletic and through the years I have had many feet and leg problems, mostly associated with sports and running....In addition to the heel pain section, I browsed through the rest of the book. There is a lot of information about many common feet issues in this book. I am glad I purchased it, as it will be a very useful reference for any of my future foot problems. I can, without reservation, recommend this book to anyone with feet."
-Greg, New York, NY
, July 2004